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♪♫spin your brushes round & round♬

for some reason, “the wheels on the bus” song popped in my head as I typed the heading for this post..

anyhoo. I wanted to share this nifty lil’ storage tool with all you makeup lovers. I’m in the process of trying to decide how I want to store my makeup, tools & brushes. I currently keep my makeup in pink & black pencil cases that I found at my local dollar store, while brushes are kept in brush rolls. I have an old  aluminum train case by MAC that I bought back in 97′ (yes. 1997…feeling so old) but it’s big, cold and clanky so I’ve been checking out different and new ideas that I’ve come across.

my current situation is in need of an upgrade, no?

I discovered this dandy spinner on You Tube and I’m considering it for storing my brushes. not that I have lots of brushes but I plan on expanding my collection in time and this seems like something I’d have for years. It’s by Pampered Chef and sells for $18.50. other sites carry it as well.

here’s the video that ‘sparked‘ the idea… peep her name & you’ll get the connection… how does my mind come up with such creative wordplay, like a freakin’ word wizard up in here!

random thought…this is the first time my posting schedule met up with a weekend…feels kinda odd posting on Saturday but I think I like it.

so how do you store your makeup collection? cases? bags? drawers? makeup dividers? do-tell!

2 comments on “♪♫spin your brushes round & round♬

  1. Cherise
    March 17, 2012

    I store my brushes in an aluminum can that my planters mixed nuts came in! Its the perfect height and size to hold my makeup brushes, I read somewhere that you should store them upright. Im thinking of covering it in a pretty decorative paper right now it still has the original ugly blue wrapper….

    • suite7beautytalk
      March 17, 2012

      I vote for pretty decorative paper! Storing them upright is best & cleaning them brush end down to avoid backdrip from the water loosening the bristles & dry them laying flat… ; )


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