There are seven fundamental types of catastrophes. Beauty is not one of them.

What’s Your Beauty Philosophy

I love a good face job. I’m in awe at the true masters of the industry (McGrath, Aucoin – RIP) & I could spend (who am I kidding…have spent) hours … Continue reading

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Confessions of a {former} high heel addict

As a loyal fan of Sex & The City, at one point my conservative co-workers gifted me with a few seasons on DVD, I admired and was often intrigued by … Continue reading

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love on yourself @ size 2 or 22

came across this pic yesterday & pinned it so decided to blog about it too… she loves herself & that’s beautiful. every woman should, no matter the # on the … Continue reading

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cosmetic companies: stop the shadiness! it’s 2012 for goodness’ sake!

I did it for years without even thinking about it, but now I refuse to patron cosmetic brands with “limited shade selections” or as I see it – why consider … Continue reading

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it isn’t even almost everything. externally speaking, that is. being beautiful on the inside is drastically different from having great hair, perfect teeth, flawless skin and so on. being beautiful … Continue reading

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