There are seven fundamental types of catastrophes. Beauty is not one of them.

What’s Your Beauty Philosophy

I love a good face job. I’m in awe at the true masters of the industry (McGrath, Aucoin – RIP) & I could spend (who am I kidding…have spent) hours watching video tutorials and visuals of makeovers and steps to create a sexy smokey eye, red lip, nude palette and the list goes on and on. But I’ve noticed something with some of these before/afters…. a heavily altered sense of reality. Take a look at the video below to see just how heavily altered our sense of beauty has become….

We live in an era of intense physical scrutiny of women by the media, Hollywood, and everyday people.  Size. Weight. Hair. Skin tone. Features. Breasts. Butts. Hips. Stomachs. Pregnancy weight.  Women are under constant attack in this world for our looks.  No one wants to age.  Youth should be eternal.  And it seems makeup is one of the major transformative tools to create what’s lacking and enhance what’s kinda already there, kinda…  But has it gone too far?

Some of the before & after images on social media showcase such dramatic transformations, where clients are completely unrecognizable in the after shot. Skin tones are lightened. Noses are slimmed down to a pencil point. And the comments are always in favor of the finished product, hailing the makeup artist as amazing and the client feels like a rockstar…but it always leaves me wondering…. how will she really feel at the end of the night when it all comes off?

bowl of self-esteem

[photo credit]

Will she feel great about all the makeup it took to make her look like someone else? Will she wish she looked like that dramatic after & feel bad about her natural features or her inability to recreate the artists’ work? Will she get down on herself for not resembling her “after”? Will she take drastic measures to enhance her appearance via surgery or injectables?


Dramatic before & after

Something as simple as makeup can unleash a whole wave of self-esteem issues. Something that should make you feel like a more beautiful version of yourself can take on a whole other toll if the finished product looks nothing like You.

My beauty philosophy regarding makeup is simple:

It should embrace your natural beauty, enhance your features and enlighten your sense of self. But it should not create an unrecognizable visual that doesn’t resemble what you see in the mirror. Makeup should be fun and enhance your foundation, not create an entirely new one that simply doesn’t exist without it. 

We all have flaws and things we’d love to change about ourselves. Believe me! I know this! It’s perfectly normal. And a great makeup application starts with great skin via diet, exercise, rest and a solid skincare regimen. The rest is all accessory!

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