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Combination skin is normal…. start with the basics

combination skin

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So here’s the deal, normal skin IS combination skin. We tend to think of normal skin as perfect – no irritation, no sensitivity, nice & even, translucent and break-out free. Not true.

We all have more oil glands along our T-zone (the forehead, nose and chin areas) than anywhere else on our face. Everyone sees more shine there. Normal skin has more of a dewey than oily appearance midday, but fewer pimples overall. It’s considered “combination” because it can veer toward oily or dry most days.

My skin was oily during my 20’s when my hormones were completely out of whack thanks to PCOS and a stressful job. Then as I entered my mid-30s, my skin calmed down a bit with fewer pimples & less oil.

For me, supplements, diet & skincare choices made a huge difference in my skin’s improvement. I realized that I was doing more harm than good by using too many acne prevention products, which only worsened oil production due to constant dehydration, resulting in more pimples and a vicious cycle of searching for new ways to counter it. 

Now I treat my combination skin with the right products to hydrate, correct, moisturize & protect. My regimen is a little extensive but for a more simple approach, always start with the basics:

  • The Right Cleanser: Liquid cleansers tend to be mild and effective at washing away dirt and oil without stripping your skin with daily use.
  •  The Right Moisturizer: Lightweight lotions are best for delivering a good amount of moisture without being too heavy. Too heavy tends to clog pores. I suggest a slightly heavier cream at night to hydrate drier areas of the face, along with your neck and décolletage. It’s ideal to apply a richer cream at night  for a supple glow in the morning.

Follow this simple regimen for four weeks before seeing a difference. Your combination skin will thank you.


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