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A Question of Leave-Ins: Creams vs Oils

The last time I used a DIY Olive Oil deep conditioner. The results weren't bad, however, this was a deep conditioning session. I used TreSemme as my leave-in that day.

The last time I used a DIY Olive Oil deep conditioner. The results weren’t bad, however, this was a deep conditioning session. I used TreSemme as my leave-in that day.

It never ceases to amaze me. The difference in how I care for my hair now that I’m natural. I never really had much of a hair regimen back when I was relaxed. I could never style it without the help of a professional so I made sure to keep my bi-weekly appointments.

Now that I’ve finagled my way through the infuriating clock-ticking transition process, I can finally say I HAVE A REGIMEN and no longer need to rely on my stylist for everything. I actually enjoy the shampoo process now, having more control over what the outcome will be, without struggling with a blow dryer and flat iron for hours only to end up with a puffy mess.

But one thing that’s taken me a minute to grasp while transitioning, is the very necessary leave-in conditioner step. While relaxed, I applied a variety of leave-ins, rinse-outs and all sorts of products with the focus being solely on moisturizing and protecting my hair from heat damage. But as a natural, leave-ins not only moisturize hair, but help to define curls and eliminates frizz. They are a necessity, not an option these days.

I always apply leave-in conditioner after I’ve washed & detangled and right before applying my favorite gel. By smoothing a leave-in thru each section, making sure to include the ends, my hair stays shiny, soft and moisturized, but there’s one catch (for my hair anyway).

I CAN’T do oils OR butters. Sooo many naturals LOVE oils and butters for their hair. They use them as leave-ins & sealants. They deep condition and moisturize with oils and butters and praise the fabulous results they get with twist-outs and finger coils. But for some reason, these products just don’t work for me. My hair always ends up frizzy, weighed down and lacks definition with oils/butters so I gave up!

My favorite leave-in is by Living Proof & it’s AH’MAZING…a little goes a long way, the ingredients are good without creating build up and the scent is fresh with a hint of citrus. I can’t be without it! I’m a wash & go natural so the definition and moisture I get from this product makes it worth the (almost $40) price tag for sure.

Living Proof Nourishing Styling Cream.... so good, it's ridiculous!

Living Proof Nourishing Styling Cream…. so good, it’s ridiculous!

Maybe I’ll give oils/butters another go at some point, since I feel like the outsider, not being able to sample all the great products that others seem to rave about. But for me, creams are the new black.



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