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calling all lovers and lovettes…. it’s almost that time

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awwwe yea….valentine’s day is only 7 days away so que the barry white, dim the lights & poor 2 glasses of your favorite sexy-time drink. it’s time to plan your special day…

instead of ordering up flowers that are sure to wilt by week’s end, why not ‘treat yo’self’ and that special someone to a day or two of pure luxuriousness, courtesy of the Setai Hotel in Miami …C’MON, you know you wanna..

by the way, this clip not only cracks me up but really sets the tone for this overly-indulgent & completely impractical post… enjoy.

there’s nothing insane about treating yo’self to a little luxury, Ben. I’m throwing caution to the wind & siding with T-mobile and Donatella on this one. so close your eyes and…oh wait, can not read this post with your eyes closed…{sorry, scratch that, starting over}…ahem… so keep ya’ eyes open & take a lil journey with me to a sexy spot in miami where you’ll discover how to ‘big-ups’ V-DAY like a BOSS!

first, you & your hearts-delight will check into the exquisite Setai hotel located near the warm sunshine and blue waters of South Beach. as you step into your sprawling Tower Suite, you’ll sip on a chilled bottle of Taittinger champagne while snacking on Teuscher Chocolate Truffles to unwind from your flight.

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next you’ll freshen up and relax in a hot bath filled with rose petals to entice your senses before crawling into a plush bed and drifting off to an invigorating sleep. you’ll awake to the house specialty Grand Breakfast served in bed and later that morning, partake in a private pilates or yoga session designed for two. we all know a good sweat deserves an even better reward so you’ll be treated to a 60 minute Ancient Balinese Massage for couples and 30 minute Romance Bath Ceremony in an oversized terrazzo tub, again, filled with rose petals and complemented by champagne and canapes.

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later that evening, you’ll enjoy a five-course candlelight dinner with a bottle of Taittinger Rose Champagne. for dessert: a personal celebration cake and another bottle of Taittinger will be delivered to the comfort and privacy of your suite. if you haven’t realized it, seems you will be good & drunk for most of your stay so be sure to take pics for memories sake.

to cap off your state of reverie, you’ll be picked up at midnight in a luxury car that will carry you over to a private helicopter waiting to show you miami’s beautiful skyline .. mmmm, hmmm.

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                  if you’re thinking that’s not quite BOSS enough for what you had in mind..

                                                                try this on for size…

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you and your luscious-lustfullness can relish in the fantasy of being treated like the stars you are. “The Star Style Experience is the perfect surprise for lovers with a flair for style and a penchant for luxury.” Developed with designers Domenico Vacca and Asprey, the experience will ultimately turn you into stars of your own fashion shoot. that’s right. FASH-ION SHOOT.

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first, you’ll enjoy an Ocean View Tower Suite for two nights. gentlemen will be treated to a custom-made Domenico Vacca men’s suit and Asprey diamond and sapphire cufflinks. the ladies will be adorned in Domenico Vacca cocktail attire and Asprey Lily Pad Diamond Earrings. you’ll both be groomed by professional hair and make up stylists, all to prepare you for your professional photographer and private photo shoot.

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living the life (or in this case, day) of luxury is sure to work up an appetite, but no worries, because you’ll be greeted by the Head Sommelier in the Setai Hotel’s wine cellar especially decorated for your special occasion.

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here you will enjoy a private ultimate champagne tasting complete with caviar (but of course). your taste buds will be delighted by Krug Brut, Clos De Mesnil 1998, Krug Rosé, Krug Brut, and Clos d’Ambonnay 1996 champagnes and paired with Caspian Sea Malossol Golden Osetra Caviar. can you say decadence?

all of this fabulosity can be yours for a mere, 50 grand. 😯

ah yes, you must be thinking what I’m thinking right about now…time to spit out the cavier, throw on my track shoes, hike up that evening gown and make a run for it… geez!

{now imagine you were given 50 grand and an obstacle course. if you complete the obstacle course successfully, you can do as you wish with the money but if you fail it, you must spend all of it on this luxurious weekend V-Day package. how many of us would be sulking as we smiled for the camera and sucked down bottles of champagne, thinking of all the ways we would’ve actually used the money if we’d only completed that darn course… lol}

filing this under …..   #richpeopleproblems

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