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site-check: fresh veggies delivered to your door

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looking for an easy-breezy way to help the environment AND eat healthier? why not get involved in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)? there’s an annual membership fee (generally $300 to $600), to receive regular shipments of tasty, organic foods straight from the farm to your kitchen table.

most CSA farms don’t use toxic pesticides on crops and many are small family run operations that actually rely on income from CSA to keep business afloat. by receiving weekly deliveries of fresh produce, you’ll be sure to get your recommended daily allowance of 5 veggie and 4 fruit servings with fresh, organic picks for an endless variety of menu options. another perk – your produce will arrive at its peak nutrition point, eliminating the question of how long before it spoils.

there are more than 1,000 CSA farms located throughout the country; find one near you at

One comment on “site-check: fresh veggies delivered to your door

  1. Tammy
    February 8, 2012

    I love my CSA.


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