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PCA facial wash

I’ve never been devoted to a particular brand of skin care. well, there was that year-long period following high-school when I used the infamous Clinique three-step system. but that was before my skin had any problems. after a while, I wasn’t sure why I was spending $30+ every month on a ‘skin care system’ that delivered results I could probably get from a variety of drugstore products. especially because I was 18 & making very little money, so I stopped it & moved on to something else.

once my skin went haywire in my early 20’s, I was always on the search for THE cure. I tried everything from costly derm visits, retin-a, antibiotics, laser treatments, microdermabrasion, chinese herbal supplements (worked fabulously until it didn’t), proactiv, drugstore kits, more derm visits, some super pricey foreskin serum, kinerase & the list goes on! yes, I said foreskin serum. desperate times call for ……

you name it, I’ve tried it or some form of it. It took me a long time to understand why I broke out & how to get it under control. throughout all my trial & error, research & experimentation, I feel there’s one definite cure but more on that later.

throughout all my struggles, I could never really credit a product with getting my acne under control. It’s nowhere near as bad as it was (searching for wood to knock on), but if I’m not careful, a bad flare-up is only a bad choice away.

prior to last year, I used a natural based, mostly homemade system to control my acne & keep my skin clear. I had seriously stopped trusting store-bought products altogether. then I attended a skin care class and observed a skin peel demo using PCA Skincare. the demo was nice & all but what was nicer was the goody bag we received after class. I love free stuff! 😀 it contained a sample of the peel & a post-treatment kit. I came home, shoved it under my sink & forgot about it.

fast-forward to graduating from beauty school where my already sensitive, acne-prone skin was subjected to daily facials, peels, and microdermabrasion treatments. I was left with skin that was out of control, overstimulated and breaking out like mad. I tried returning to my home remedy system but the results were not the same. so I broke out (no pun intended he he) the PCA Peel Kit that I had all but forgotten about & decided to give it a try. within one week, my skin was lightly peeling, the pimples were magically disappearing and my face felt better than it had in months. I’m talking serious glow. I was instantly a fan.

I started researching this unheard of line and found it’s fairly new – started in the early 90’s by a licensed aesthetician and its mainly available through doctors and licensed skin care centers, though thankfully, you can also buy it online. while it’s not as natural as I’ve liked, it contains safe, highly effective ingredients that produce results and that’s the main reason I love it. results!

PCA has a deep respect for human health and the environment as they use clinical trials to test their products – no animal testing going on there! they incorporate the latest in medically, scientifically researched ingredients to nourish, hydrate and rejuvenate skin. plus, their products do not contain:

  • synthetic dyes
  • synthetic fragrances
  • mineral oil
  • petrolatum
  • lanolin
  • phthalates and other known sensitizers

and they offer a variety of products to treat conditions such as:

  • acne
  • psoriasis
  • hyperpigmentation
  • rosacea
  • fine lines/wrinkles

another great aspect of PCA are their trial sizes! I’m excited as I type this because I don’t understand why higher-end lines don’t offer trial sizes at a reasonable cost. It’s the smartest way to get your product in the hands of those who won’t bother trying it because of the cost so what do they do instead? buy loads of cheaper products because they feel it saves them money but if you’re constantly buying a variety of ‘less expensive’ products in search of results you’re not getting, guess how much you’re really spending in the long-run? um, lots.

but here’s something I know about consumers, women especially – if it works & I mean, really works… two things will happen.

  1. you’re gonna tell people about it
  2. you’re gonna buy it, simple as that

It’s a fact. how many times have you purchased a product that costs a lil more because it’s freakin’ amazing & you can’t do without? I’ll wait……

but I digress, PCA offers these great trial size kits that allows you to use products geared toward treating your skin condition before you buy the full-sized item. after completing their peel, I bought their Breakout Control Solution Kit and was impressed at how gently it cleared up my skin. each kit comes with a step by step instruction card taking all the guesswork out of how to use, when to use etc.

next, I moved on to the Oily/Problem Skin Trial System followed by the Pigment Control System before I decided which products worked best for me. now my regimen consists of a few items that really work & are truly my staple products. I recommend this line to anyone. I’ve even tailored my aesthetician job search to med-spas/doctors offices that carry this line because I truly believe in it & would love to expose new clients to it as well.

I apologize for the long intro to this next favorite item but I had to give you some background on PCA & why I love it or otherwise, it wouldn’t make sense. I’ll be introducing other PCA products down the road so this will serve as my description post.

② PCA facial wash

this facial wash was included in the Post Treatment Kit that I used the week following the peel. I was surprised by how gentle it felt & honestly didn’t think it would be too effective but to my surprise, it delivered. it’s a refreshing, AHA and aloe gel cleanser that gently but effectively removes makeup yet leaves skin feeling hydrated and pH balanced. there was no tightness afterwards. It’s said to “soothe skin and loosen impacted cells to smooth surface texture”, and it does just that.

Key Ingredients

  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice
  • Lactic Acid
  • Citric Acid
  • Allantoin

If you think you might like to try PCA products, I’ll be happy to answer any questions I can. I always suggest checking out reviews first so here are the sites where I purchase their products.

here’s a really helpful video of another PCA skin care fan as she really breaks down the benefits and how it helped clear up her cystic acne. and yes, she’s super young but PCA is beneficial for skin period, young & ahem….mature alike.

3 comments on “PCA facial wash

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  2. jenny
    August 11, 2012

    Im game to try this process/ Ive been doing the philosophy 6 for a while now and seeking a new facial adventure to go with my other routines. Here is a list of my musts and must dos for the at home fine tuning of the skin. I have the at home microdermabrasion tool. It’s magnificent. It also saves me $250 per session. I do the plum and onion recipe for my acne. I know it sounds different but a girl can never have too many ideas. I do the tooth paste dab for any pimples and of course the cool yogurt facial.

    Ill let you know what I think.
    Yey, you have a new follower now. Thanks girl and keep it coming. GirlPower

    • suite7beautytalk
      August 17, 2012

      : ) Hi Jenny! Thanks for the great tips & checking out my blog! Just when I thought I heard it all, I’ve never heard of the plum & onion facial but I am definitely intrigued….going to have to look that one up!


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