There are seven fundamental types of catastrophes. Beauty is not one of them.

Dream Quest Nutraceuticals Natural Beauty Cleansing Bar -Lemon

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I’m a fan of soap. natural handmade and infused with exquisite skin nourishing essential oils especially. I like trying different scents and picking up little-known intricately packaged squares at health food shops or stores like Cost Plus World Market. but even TJ Maxx and Marshall’s carry a nice variety of unique blends.

I discovered this silky little suds-maker at my local health food store and it’s like NOTHING I’ve ever used. first we have to talk about the scent: incredibly fresh and while I’ve never been a fan of lemon per se, this is more of a lemon freshly picked from the garden not pine sol or some warehouse fabricated assembly line smell. It suds up nicely, feels so silky in my hands & even silkier on my skin. I feel so soft after showering with this soap. though some might think its pricey at $5/bar, it really is worth the cost.

another wonderful thing about this soap – it has a 4.5 pH balance and contains allantoin + 500 IUs of Vitamin E.

I purchase it online now because my local health food store is always out of the lemon scent, so I buy it here.


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