There are seven fundamental types of catastrophes. Beauty is not one of them.

oh like you’ve never done it…

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c’mon you know you have… I’ve gone one step further actually, whenever I order food & happen to be home alone….as soon as I hear the doorbell ring, I always yell out, ‘oh I got it! huh? no, no, I said I got it!‘, followed by a loud chuckle before I finally answer the door pretending I’m in the middle of some wildly enjoyable conversation and barely heard the bell.  yea, as if the delivery guy really cares but it gives me a sense of safety & makes me feel like less of a pig…though in retrospect, I’m sure not too many groups of people are ordering one hot dog with fries or an individual pizza…hmmm maybe my plan has some holes in it…

so what do you do to throw the scent off solo food deliveries or creepy delivery guys? talk to yourself? play loud music? if you say nothing, I won’t believe you — we all have a lil strange in us! share & I’ll like you more.. 🙂


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