There are seven fundamental types of catastrophes. Beauty is not one of them.

the toothpaste pimple solution demystified…finally!

by now, I’m sure anyone whose ever had a pimple is well aware of the old toothpaste “remedy”: dab some toothpaste on it & it’ll dry out overnight or come to a head overnight or vanish overnight or… you get the pic.

sooo, imagine my frustration when every attempt at this “remedy” failed me. I’ve tried it many times over the last decade or so, (it’s an age-old trick that’s been around forever) but nada, never worked for me. I gave up on it long ago!

THEN, while perusing YouTube and checking out some of my fave channels, there it was, yet another person raving about it. I listened with eyes rolling until she said something that clicked… the importance of the TYPE of toothpaste used! Huh?

She stressed that it ONLY works with 100% white paste-based toothpaste. hmm? I lean more toward gels & never really thought it mattered….

She went as far to suggest using ONLY Colgate’s Clean Mint. Dab it on the pimple & let it sit overnight to see a difference in the AM. well, I went out & found said toothpaste then tried it last night and it worked!!! {wild applause & high-5’s all around}

my annoying lil blemish was all red & tender last night. I applied a dab of the paste on it & went to bed. work up this morning & the paste hadn’t budged, with past attempts, the paste tends to evaporate during the night but not this time. when I washed my face, I noticed the pimple had come to a head so I hope to see it leave in a day or two.

one word of caution: you might wanna avoid this if you have really sensitive skin or all-over acne. it’s best for the occasional or isolated blemish or two.

so there it is, FINALLY, got it right! am the only one? has anyone else tried the old toothpaste-blemish-be-gone trick?


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