There are seven fundamental types of catastrophes. Beauty is not one of them.

it’s not just the wiggle

Wiggle the wand at the base of the lashes for less clumping and a better finish. That’s mascara 101 right?

But it’s actually more about the wand than the wiggle, that’s the secret to sexy lashes! Read on for some tips!

Goal: Zero Clumps

Go for: Thick, widely spaced bristles to help distribute the mascara broadly, allowing for minimal build-up.

photo source

Example: Nuance Salma Hayek Full Effect Ultra-Volumizing Mascara ($10 – cvs)


Goal: Extra Length

Go for: Tightly packed bristles because they function like a fine-tooth comb elongating each lash by gently tugging it up & out.

photo source

Example: Dior Diorshow New Look Mascara ($29 –


Goal: volume

Go for: A big brush = fat fringe because more bristles coat more lashes.

photo source

Example: CoverGirl LashBlast 24 Hour Mascara ($9 – drugstores)

*** I’ve used this mascara & the bristles are definitely bigger than average. I have fine lashes so I sometimes get too much mascara on my lashes but works well if your lashes are naturally full and thick not thin***


Goal: Precision

Go for: An extra-firm tip because it grabs & covers even teensy lashes such as the outer corners of the eye.

photo source

Example: (definitely gonna try this) – Shiseido Perfect Mascara Full Definition ($24 –

Thanks to More Magazine for featuring this wonderful piece of beauty news!


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