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the astrological angle

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astrology. some say its corny, others swear by it. then there are those who aren’t really up on it beyond knowing the fabulosity that swarms around their own zodiac sign. so much so that they proudly display or secretly hide an engraved ink homage somewhere on their person……of which I am guilty.

whether you like or loathe the age-old belief system which states a significant relationship between astronomical phenomena and events in the world, I believe there are some basic qualities that strongly define personalities depending on one’s birthdate.

having discovered astrology in eighth grade and kinda falling in love with it ultimately led to having a mini library of books ranging from personality to sexuality to inter-family relationships, I’ve learned some valuable info that’s guided me through the years in both my work and personal life.

the wonder of astrology has led me to blindly tho accurately guess the sign of guys I’ve dated given our connection (scorpios, geminis) and steer clear of supervisors given our lack thereof (libras, capricorns).

as vast the topic, I certainly don’t know it all, but here’s a few deets about what I’ve come to realize:

aries 3/21-4/20: 

aries are independent, confident, high-energy go-getters. loves the spotlight. always restless, never afraid to be impulsive & take chances. they’re also extremely stubborn which can completely derail their ambition and drive. sometimes they can be so wrapped up in their own self-absorbed world that they forget to tend to pressing matters that are in dire need of their attention. despite being driven, they tend to fall into lackadaisical mode at times which makes those around them effing crazy.

taurus 4/21/-5/21:

admittedly, I don’t have a ton of experience with taureans. I’ve known a few but not so much that I have a good grasp of their personalities. from what I’ve observed, they’re funny, quite stubborn, often selfish and a bit arrogant if I’m not mistaken.

gemini 5/22-6/21: 

oh boy, I really hope I don’t offend anyone here but in my experience, gemini’s are kinda bat-shit crazy. they seem to have extreme personalities, both good & bad and depending on the environment where they were raised, can be quite volatile and quick-tempered. they’re very charismatic but tend to have a dual-sided personality, almost angelic vs. devilish in a less severe form. they change their minds A LOT and bore quickly.

Cancer 6/22-7/22:

moody doesn’t really begin to describe the severity of inner emotional struggle that can occur with cancer types. always thinking and working on resisting the urge to be overcome by the imagination which is strong and persistent. daydreams are a regular occurrence. deeply protective of their own feelings and possessive of those they love. rarely forgives and never forgets. practical with money. endless worriers. rarely spontaneous and driven toward security. passionate and intuitive. somewhat dramatic and rather creative. observant and mysterious. kinda hard to figure out.

Leo 7/23-8/21:

natural entertainers. outgoing. arrogant. hard-working. selfish at times. loves to laugh and quick to forgive. easy-going. enjoys materialistic things and extravagant indulgences. appetite for learning and exceeds at accomplishments. patient.

Virgo 8/22-9/23:

habit of placing themselves in the role of victim despite being incredibly capable & strong-willed. practical view of life. thrifty types but capable of over-spending. responsible though not always when it comes to money. sacrificial for loved ones but not without letting others know why or how and often so. difficulty seeing their own faults. reliable. loving & quite funny if you know them well enough.

Libra 924/10/23: 

sign of the scales & accurately so. can be easy-going, logical, outgoing and fun or protective, jealous, insecure, petty and defensive. depends on how their scales balance.

Scorpio: 10/24-11/22:

mysterious, intense types with a tendency to make strong connections. the phrase “still water runs deep” is an accurate description for the scorpion. extremely observant and patient, they’d make excellent detectives on a sting. passionate though private with lots of friends, they have a great ability to connect with anyone, fitting into random situations with ease. protective of loved ones, reliable & very practical.

Sagittarius: 11/23 – 12/22:

another sign where I don’t have a ton of personal experience but from what I’ve observed, they’re competitive and don’t like to compete with the Joneses, they want to be the Joneses. kinda superficial and private. ambitious and temperamental.

Capricorn: 12/23 – 1/20:

very career driven. appearances mean a lot to Capricorns and they will work hard to keep up an air of perfection. private and outwardly appearing unemotional or even keeled. they never like to wear their heart on their sleeves and material possessions are equally as important as financial security. they don’t to invest in the company, they want to own it.

Aquarius: 1/21-2/19:

social butterflies. people-pleasers. outspoken. hard-working types. free spirits who like to throw caution to the wind and be spontaneous. love a good debate and hate to be wrong. non-confrontational, highly opinionated with a strong sense of family. likeable.

Pisces: 2/19-3/20

eternal flirt. outgoing. loves people and has an abundance of friends yet few really know them well. falls in love easily. sensitive. driven. longs for deep connections but rarely settles enough to experience it. strong sense of family. charming.

again, these are just my thoughts based on my experiences with people I’ve known but what do think you about astrology? list your sign in the comments section & share your thoughts…

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    November 28, 2012

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