There are seven fundamental types of catastrophes. Beauty is not one of them.

dressing: the art of the gentleman part 3

here’s the third installment of men who put it together effortlessly….

Ryan Reynolds – boyish good looks. goofy charm. endearing expressions. what’s not to love about his style…

Ryan Gosling.. If you’ve watched The Notebook, then you just know…not that he hasn’t had great roles since then but he’ll always be Noah to me..

Denzel Washington – a long-standing crush of mine.. his talent, his charm & charisma, his incredible body of work & his dashing good looks.. gentleman indeed.

William Levy – so glad I watched this season’s DWTS. he’s so comfortable in his own skin & seems genuinely unfazed by the all the attention his looks receive.

Marc Anthony: an old friend who loved Salsa music introduced me to him back in 95. I remember how crazy she was about him back then. he’s been in the music business for decades. I like his genuine nature and his effortless style – he keeps it simple, classic and very suave.

Clive Owen – if you’ve watched the movie Closer, then you might not describe dear Clive as a gentlemen per se, but nonetheless I’ve been a fan ever since. the British accent, tailored suits and debonair manner makes him stand out.

Paul Walker. he’s been around for a while now but he really stood out to me in Takers. very handsome, subtle presence and stylish to boot.

so there you have it, click below for earlier installments. did I miss anyone?


dressing: the art of the gentleman part 1

dressing: the art of the gentleman part 2


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