There are seven fundamental types of catastrophes. Beauty is not one of them.

Skin like Marilyn or Garbo or Gardner…true movie stahs!

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Erno Laszlo, MD. Ever hear of him? If you love skin products, you probably have. I’m definitely familiar with the name, tho I’ve never actually purchased or used any of his stuff. I know his products are high-end, popular and pricey.

But the other day, I found out he was the first “celebrity dermatologist” with a client roster filled with names like Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardner & Greta Garbo! Yes, the classic film lover in me literally squealed when I heard! Why on earth isn’t that more of a known thing amongst us beauty addicts?! A well-kept secret indeed. Oh, the stories he must’ve had….

Anyway, he had a serious A-lister following and recently launched 5 of his original skin potions in The Hollywood Collection – all favorites of the screen sirens themselves:

* Ava Gardner’s eye cream: Intensive Eye Repair – $85

* Marilyn’s “up all night” skin reviver: Morning Beauty Rescue – $95

* Greta Garbo’s “before-bed cream”: Velvet Night Cream – $175

You can sample the entire collection which also includes two favorite creams of Katherine Hepburn’s and Grace Kelly’s for only $125. I heard it’s a limited edition collection, all available on his website.


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