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Wedding invitations, I blame this all on Pinterest


I can’t say I’ve ever been big on weddings. Aside from the really major ones like Luke & Laura or Carrie & Big, I’m pretty oblivious to it all. I’ve attended plenty and been party to one. I’ve watched the costly glamour unfold on InStyle Weddings and the headaches unleashed on Bridezillas, but none of these events left me itching to plan my own. Just seemed like a hassle from a practical standpoint.

This was my take on things for the longest time and I anticipated it remaining that way….. that is until Pinterest came along. 


Pinterest. The ultimate vision board where one can literally create a personal catalog of sorts, filled with whatever strikes their fancy. After joining, it wasn’t long before I found myself adding boards covering a wide array of topics but weddings was not one of them.

Then it happened.

I repined a pretty outdoor wedding venue, then another, a dress or two, a cute sign of custom vows, a pretty bridesmaid dress and it went from there….before I knew it, I was in all-out wedding pinning delirium! And like so many Pinterest fans, I too created a wedding board. I now have several and with my love of words, fonts and style, it’s only natural that I can’t resist the charm, originality and imagination applied to wedding invitations, they’ve surely come a long way from when my parents married back in the 70s. 

Here are some of my faves, all courtesy of Pinterest, of course:

Carnival Wedding Invite


Simple & To The Point


 Hand Drawn Wedding Invitation


 Chalkboard Invitation

 Western Wedding Invitation


 Vegas Wedding


Photo Invite


 Mr. & Mrs. Smith
And this one is my favorite – clean, simple, chic:

One comment on “Wedding invitations, I blame this all on Pinterest

  1. Bee
    December 26, 2012

    Damn, several of those are pretty nice and I’m not even into that stuff but now it has my creative juices flowing. Hmmm…..


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