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Something beautiful worth mentioning… {teens, unwanted dogs & love}

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Read an article the other day that’s worth sharing…. it told the story of Unleashed (, a NYC based program that teaches middle school students how to become animal welfare advocates. Young girls work with shelters from the rural South where dogs are often euthanized due to overpopulation and scarce resources. Preteen and teenage girls assist in locating foster families, writing animal listings for Petfinder and screening would-be adopters, while gaining experience in marketing, raising funds, and speaking to the public. How cool is that?

Since its start in the fall of 2010, Unleashed has placed over 100 puppies in permanent forever homes.

The programs creator, Stacey Radin, PhD wanted to create a program to help middle school girls feel powerful and make an impact. Her program allows the teens to act as the voice of these puppies, and as a result, they really go the distance for them.

As a dog lover, learning about this organization touched my heart. Dogs and puppies are helpless animals that just want to be loved and give love in return. Teaching young girls to care for, protect and defend {otherwise} unwanted animals goes a long way in preparing them for adulthood by providing them with the ability to be compassionate, caring and supportive of others.

Kudos to Unleashed and its founder for developing such a wonderful program!!


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