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The beauty of Black Soap {the only soap I use}

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I’ve always been rather picky about soap. As a kid, my mom bought brands like Zest, Lever, and others, but none really stood out to me. Zest smelled amazing but they were all pretty drying, which, I assumed was the norm till I started taking an interest in skincare as a teen and discovered some of the harsh and drying ingredients in soap. Having suffered from severe eczema in middle school, I’m certain the soap we used had something to do with the scaly, dry, often bloody patches of skin that covered my forearms from fourth through sixth grade. My eczema never seemed to heal much, just reached different levels of severity. Desperately trying to resist the urge to scratch, wearing long sleeves in 90 degree temps and slathering myself in Eucerin consumed those pre-teen years.

But once I started paying for my skincare products, I tried different soap brands and loathed anything that left a film on my skin. Several years ago, I read about black soap which has a HUGE following of devoted users. I was curious, but like most things, it took me a while to get around to trying it. And when I finally did, it then took a few different brands before I felt wowed by any one in particular.

I’d heard/read all these amazing things:

  • clears eczema
  • clears acne
  • smoothes dry, rough skin
  • tackles hyperpigmentation [brown spots] for glowing skin

The initial brands I tried were popular and loved by many, but I didn’t see anything different from my standard rotation of soaps, which were pretty great ingredient-wise. I’d opted for homemade soaps, or high-quality natural options like Dr. Bronner’s, which meant switching would require an amazing replacement.

Enter Dudu-Osun Black Soap

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While there’s a variety of natural black soap options on the market, Dudu-Osun is made from pure honey, shea butter, osun (camwood), palm kernel oil, cocoa pod ash, palm bunch ash, glycerine, aloe vera, lime juice & oil, lemon juice & oil, water & natural fragrance. I suggest doing your research, since some of the black soaps on the market are made of mostly black dye with lots of chemicals in them. Pure black soap gets it color from natural ingredients, not dye.

The reviews were so impressive, I had to try it. So I started with one bar and immediately liked its size, which made me feel better about spending $6 for one bar of soap. Then I used it, and noticed a difference immediately. There are the obvious physical aspects – each soap weighs 150 grams and has a fresh, clean natural scent. But the results differed greatly from any other I’d tried. It’s hard to describe, but it feels like an “active” product that lathers & exfoliates while effectively cleansing skin.

It has helped to even my overall skin tone. I haven’t used it on my face, although there are hundreds of reviews out there claiming its significant improvement on acne. It has tiny grainy particles in certain areas, but not all over, that prevents me from using it on my decollete where my skin is very sensitive. I prefer to apply it to my washcloth and use it that way.

Since using Dudu-Osun, I also don’t use my beloved scrubs as often, and I’m the queen of exfoliation! I suggest giving it a try if you have skin concerns like acne, dryness or eczema. I buy a six-pack on Amazon now so I don’t have to worry about running out, it’s definitely worth it.

Dudu-Osun Black Soap Bundle

4 comments on “The beauty of Black Soap {the only soap I use}


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  3. Lisa Sherey
    June 14, 2013

    I love this soap! I started using it about two months ago on my face and body. I don’t apply it directly to my face, instead I lather it in my hands and then apply. I have noticed the dark spots on my face getting lighter.

    • suite7beautytalk
      June 24, 2013

      Hi Lisa, I love it too & wish I could try it on my face as I keep hearing how great it is for that! It dried out my skin so I only use on my body. Love it tho


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