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Natural Hair Chronicles: {Bartering, DIY Treatments & Lines of Demarcation}

Natural Hair Large Fine Art Print - Lola by thatArtista on Etsy

Natural Hair Large Fine Art Print – Lola by thatArtista on Etsy

I’d been seeing Sheri for about a month, and in that time I learned more about hair than I had in the all years & previous stylists combined. She taught me about the condition of my hair, how to safely transition without chopping it all off, the best products to use & so much more.

I was amazed that my hair could look & feel relaxed without a drop of chemical on the roots. I’m rather savvy in the beauty product department but my hair is another issue. I generally know what I shouldn’t do but knowing exactly what I should do & how to do it, is another story.

The DIY Cholesterol Treatment

Sheri worked out of her home, with a mini-salon installed, so she tailored each appointment based on what my hair needed. She made her own cholesterol treatments. We made small talk as she mixed it up, adding an egg into the recipe combined with EVOO. When she applied it to my hair, I immediately noticed the wonderful smell, soothing & fragrant from the Jasmine Oil – just a few drops was needed.

Demarcation Line – Relaxed vs. New Growth

After she rinsed it out & my hair was ready for styling, I noticed the shine. Amazing! But I also noticed (for the first time), the distinct difference between my new growth & the relaxed hair which covered most of my scalp. My new CF (chemical-free) hair was shiny & soft from the bowl to the chair having only been blow-dryed without any product added. The relaxed hair was dry, dull and looked dead to me. That’s the only way to describe it. After Sheri moisturized & flat-ironed my hair, it came together but I was still surprised by the difference.

Products are so important

I also realized how extremely important it is to use the right products on my hair. And that does not mean the most expensive either. Aside from making her own treatments, Sheri used  ISO Color Preserve Shampoo & Conditioner  on my hair. While under her care and transitioning, I also used this line with satisfying results. It didn’t weigh my hair down or make it feel dry, so I continued to buy it for some time.

The Decision to Barter

As I mentioned in my last  NHC post,  spending $200 each month on hair appointments was not exactly in my newly unemployed budget, yet my hair needed regular maintenance. During our casual discussions about hair, beauty, and Sheri’s interest in expanding her brand and customer base, she had a light-bulb moment – exchanging services. She offered to take care of my hair in exchange for my social media knowledge – and what a godsend that turned out to be.

I developed her internet marketing and social media strategy, while she nursed my hair back to health each week. I created her customer referral program, established & managed her Twitter account, created a Facebook page for her business, edited magazine articles, advised on the benefits of incorporating You Tube into her plan, and wrote her business and personal bios while revamping client photos for online publishing. It was an exciting and fitting exchange.

Something to consider…

In this day & age, bartering can prove to be a valuable service for the small business owner. If you’re freelancing or have a creative skill to offer, don’t be afraid to suggest it in place of cash payment for an equally desired service or product – never hurts to try.

Here’s the results of the Cholesterol Treatment – I could see an improvement in my hair in only five weeks..

Cholesterol Treatment

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