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green does a body good

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i like breakfast but not too early in the morning. to avoid overdoing it at lunch, it’s important to eat a balanced, healthy breakfast. i feel better when i eat the right breakfast and less likely to fall prey to grumpiness by the time lunch rolls around making it easier to avoid eating a crappy lunch and falling into a slump by late afternoon. one way i like to avoid this is by making a green smoothie in the morning. actually, i make a pitcher on sunday which gives me a few days before i have to make more.

i like to switch up my recipes but make it a habit to include my 7 smoothie staples :

  • 1-2 greens (organic baby spinach & kale are my faves)
  • 2 types of fruit (frozen or fresh but usually frozen)
  • 1 liquid (chocolate rice dream rice milk is my fave)
  • 1 fiber (flaxseed or all bran cereal)
  • distilled water

this takes all of maybe 15 minutes to make which drastically cuts down prep time in the morning. just pour & drink. healthy green goodness. mmmm.

do you do smoothies? have any fave recipes?


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