There are seven fundamental types of catastrophes. Beauty is not one of them.

my kind of town

it’s not the Willis Tower, it’s the Sears Tower. i don’t wear sneakers, i wear gym shoes. i don’t drink soda, I drink pop. i don’t go to the movies, i go to the show. where I’m from is determined by north, south, east, or west. i’m from the city with the best pizza, hot dogs and GUYros. i’ve taken the train, L, and subway at the same time without even leaving my seat. 40 degrees is not cold. my basketball team has 6 rings. my football team did the super bowl shuffle. tall buildings don’t impress me. country living does not move me. i don’t need to put my city on a t-shirt to let you know where i’m from, the pride in my stride says it all. Chicago will always be my kind of town.

can you relate? 

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