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do you have a favorite arteest?

in high school, i majored in art. i’m far from an artist but my creative mind was intent on attending the best high school in my city while failing to realize the word “tech” wasn’t just part of the school’s name, it represented the type of school and curriculum focus. color me naive. once i got in and realized math & science were the stars of the school, i was shaking in my boots. so i did what any math-hating, science-loathing 14-year old would do, i opted for the major with the least amount of both. that left me with music and art to choose from.

despite a few years spent playing around with the recorder, (thanks dad), i do not possess any musical talent whatsoever. i fancied myself an OK artist. i mean, i could sprinkle some glitter on a sign and make it pretty enough. soon realized that was soooo not what was acceptable at my high school. but i opted for art-major nonetheless because it only required two-years of math and science. DONE! ha, talk about not knowing what i was getting myself into…..geez

although i sucked at creating art, four-years of commercial, art history and modern art gave me a real admiration of its many forms and the masters that created it. gauguin, monet, van gogh, manet and so on. i enjoyed visits to the art museum and developed an appreciation for classical music too. my commercial art teacher always had us work in silence while violins, piano keys and harps played in the background, at first we resisted, making fun and balking the entire time. then one day, he gave us a choice and the vote for classical music was overwhelming. it calmed us down, relaxed our teenage angst and somehow, made us better artists.

i still love art. i don’t dare create it anymore. i’m not good, this i know but i’m glad for all those years spent learning. and while i didn’t study him back then nor had i even heard about him prior to a few years ago, my favorite arteest is an italian fellow by the name of aldo luongo. sounds like one word if you say it fast enough.

aldo’s career stems back a brief 40 years, but you’d never know it given his work. his brush strokes are reminiscent of van gogh at times. i love his paintings of women because he captures emotion, anguish and sensuality so beautifully. there’s a fluidity to his work that makes them identifiable on sight.

to learn more about him, visit his site: Aldo Luongo

or check out some of my fave pics in the gallery below:

6 comments on “do you have a favorite arteest?

  1. David Halliday
    January 17, 2012

    very nice work. My favourite artist is a local guy. His name is Ed Kuris.
    His work is very internal and quite different than what I usually like. you can see his demons and his delights.

    • suite7beautytalk
      January 17, 2012

      Hi David, thanks for checking out my blog. I just checked out Ed’s blog and I have to agree with you, it’s kinda scary at times in an abstract way yet the color selections lighten it up a bit.

      Thanks for sharing. : )

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