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who’s YOUR height & weight twin?

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income. mortgages. weight.

three numbers people don’t often share but are always curious about, the latter being a particular note of interest. whenever I read an article that mentions a celebrity’s weight, I’m often surprised by how low the number given their height.. such blasphemous lies! all of it, I tell you!

a few months ago, a rather petite friend informed me she had gained 20 pounds in six months. I couldn’t believe it! I hadn’t noticed a change in her weight and even after she told me, I kept staring her up and down, saying “where is it?” to think, we sat next to each other in beauty school that entire time. still baffles my brain.

when it comes to comparing height-to-weight ratio’s, we’re used to seeing charts like the one above, right?

not anymore..

if you’re the slightest bit curious to see what your height & weight looks like on someone else… check out the Photographic Height & Weight Chart.

this site was created as a project in 2006 by a guy named Rob. you can even submit your photo if the idea intrigues you. just find your height at the top of the chart & scroll down to find your weight, then click on the image to see what your weight looks like on someone else.

I was surprised by my weight/height twin, she looks smaller than how I see myself, yet we share similar body types. hmmm..

give it a try, might be eye-opening.

One comment on “who’s YOUR height & weight twin?

  1. Cherise
    February 17, 2012

    Thats a cool website…I also found my weight twin and she was smaller than how I see myself! Just goes to show you sometimes what we see in the mirror (or think we see) isnt always what others see..


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