There are seven fundamental types of catastrophes. Beauty is not one of them.

take my advice, I don’t use it anyway.

see that pic of me on my right sidebar?

that was taken last summer. I had recently walked away from a terribly stressful and misery-inducing corporate job after 15 years. and in less than two months, I had managed to clear up my skin, drop about 10 pounds and my eyes were brighter than they’d been in years. I felt amazing. I was in my ‘best-self’ mode.

see, my best-self uses all natural, safe beauty products with no synthetic chemicals, fragrance or harmful ingredients. my best-self eats really clean and works out six days per week. my best-self recycles religiously and even compost. I’m not even sure I used that word right so that goes to show you just how familiar I am with the process. nevertheless, my best-self is a do-gooder, tree-hugging yogi and can spew the top eco-friendly beauty advocates off the top of my dome as if someone asked me to name the top 5 supermodels of the 80’s. comes naturally.

but I’m not always my best-self. I’m a work in progress with an emphasis on “work”. I love sweets and indulge in them more than I should. 😦 I work out maybe a few times each week. I’ve been in the process of dropping 30 pounds for the last few years. I have all the knowledge and little to none of the will power. perfectly flawed remember?

but one place where I’ve made some strides: the skin care & beauty department. I haven’t used body lotion in over 10 years, opting for natural oils instead. I make my deodorant and experiment with DIY beauty recipes. I make green smoothies for breakfast and enjoy the occasional spinach salad for lunch. baby steps, with a long way to go.

why is it so hard to change & do the things you know you should but just feel unable to for lack of will, lack of motivation or just plain laziness. change is hard and doing what’s best is often a challenge. If I put all my knowledge to work on me, I’d be quite impressed with the outcome, that I know. sometimes I wish emotions and hormones could be taken out of the mix entirely, then maybe, maybe I’d feel charged up with pure energy to just go, go, go and not stop until my ‘work-in-progress-self’ is complete.

can you relate? do you find change difficult even when its best for you?

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