There are seven fundamental types of catastrophes. Beauty is not one of them.

do you donate beauty products?

as a beauty writer and former product junkie (greatly improved over the years, thank you), I’ve received and purchased lots of beauty products in my time. some of it I love and some of it I don’t bother trying because the shade is completely off or it’s just loaded with ingredients I’d rather avoid. as a result, these items get cast to the side never to be used. I tend to give most of it away to friends and family but I’d also like to help women that might need beauty products but aren’t able to buy any or could just use a little help.

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I want to be sure the items are given to those who need them and not dispersed among employees or sold for profit. I’ve heard some stories where items are not offered to those in need but picked over by workers or sold in Goodwill stores and that’s not the goal. maybe a women’s shelter or assisted living facility could make good use of them. I’ve found a list of places in my area and will reach out to see what my options are.

for the most part, items I plan to donate are new and packaged but here are some tips if you’d like to donate gently used beauty products:

  • Do not donate used beauty products that have come in direct contact with the body and then placed back in the tube (i.e., mascara, lip gloss).
  • Partial products are acceptable (i.e., shampoo/conditioner that just wasn’t right for your hair)
  • Nail polish is safe to donate
  • Sanitize press powders and shadows with alcohol prior to donating.
  • Do not donate any products that might have expired, smell or look bad.

Here are two reputable organizations for donating items.

United States:

  • Beauty Bus  Delivers dignity, hope and respite to chronically or terminally ill men, women, children and their caregivers through beauty and grooming services and pampering products.  Click here for donation instructions.

United Kingdom:

  • Give and Makeup  Is a non-profit initiative whose sole purpose is to get everyday essentials into the hands of women and children who need them most. Click here for a list of acceptable donations and instructions.

do you donate beauty goods? know of any organizations to add to the list above?


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