There are seven fundamental types of catastrophes. Beauty is not one of them.

which fashion trend would you like to see return?

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we all have a beloved decade. I loved being a kid in the 80’s. feels like my generation was the last of a dying breed seeing as how we enjoyed playing outside and not a virtual-outdoor-simulated-outside but actually out in the sunshine with grass beneath our feet. I loved 80’s music too, and felt my life change the instant a blonde with a nonchalant attitude and a mole on the side of her lip danced against a simple white backdrop while singing ….. “everybody, come on, dance & sing“. Madonna was different, exciting and dangerous in a way that caused mothers to raise a brow, and those of us that loved her to wanna wear sheer tops with black bras, bracelets up our forearms and cropped black leather jackets with ripped jeans.

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then there were those that just wanted to run around sporting fluorescent crinoline skirts, screaming “ohhh girls just wanna have fun“. whether quirky Cindy or bad girl Madge, one thing was certain: the 80’s were defined by unique fashion and style. no doubt about it.

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yet, looking back at old pics makes me cringe. 80’s style was many things: Wild Style, Miami Vice, valley-girl, Working Girl, big hair, huge bangs, asymmetrical haircuts, door-knocker earrings, bright pink Chuck Taylors, velcro high-top Reeboks, stirrup pants, shoulder pads, Dynasty and abstract pastel paintings. but two things it’s not defined by: timeless or classic. it’s dated, kinda tacky and surely doesn’t stand the test of time, the way certain looks from the 50’s or 70’s still do today.

but if I had to choose an 80’s trend that I’d like to see return, I’d have to say….models.

I know it’s not what you were expecting but comparatively speaking, models were of the healthier variety back then. Cheryl Tiegs, Beverly Johnson and Christy Brinkley were considered beautiful but they each had a healthy figure that was more so admired than obsessed over. they came before Kate Moss ushered in ‘waif as the ideal modeling image.

and they existed back when women were comfortable having dessert after a meal. exercise and fitness was still ‘a thing’, but implants and butt injections hadn’t yet taken over. overall, there was less pressure on being thin and far, far fewer cases of extreme obesity. there was no America’s Next Top Model or Biggest Loser. celebs that went relatively unnoticed didn’t rocket back to the spotlight after losing weight with the help of a major endorsement deal from a weight loss company. the slogan du jour was “where’s the beef” and you could be a bonafide athlete without having to be a model too.

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body image was in a far better place then and we didn’t need a stream of self-esteem campaigns just to prove it.

so yea, that’s the trend I’d definitely like to see return. 80’s models.

what about you? what trends would you like to see make a come-back?


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