There are seven fundamental types of catastrophes. Beauty is not one of them.

using Facebook to keep up with your fave beauty experts.

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despite the fact that I do not own a smartphone, I fancy myself up to date with technology. I use several sites and resources for blogging, beauty and software needs and while it’s often overwhelming the way a new must-use site or application becomes available seemingly every second, I do my best to stay organized and abreast of it all.

I should add that I’ve avoided the smartphone frenzy because the germaphobe in me can’t get used to the idea of a touch screen. eeeewww. I’d be disinfecting like every second of the day. but thanks to the wildly popular and equally lovable application known as Instagram, looks like I’ll be breaking down and joining the smartphone wave after all. just gotta have it.

one social media site I’ve come to terms with is Facebook. I say this because while it started it out all fun and games (literally), it’s become less appealing over the last year or so. I don’t know about your circle-of-friends-you-don’t-really-speak-to, but my FB has become inundated with people sharing too much info, far too often and a fairly valid reminder of why I was not in touch with most of them till FB came along. why on earth, anyone would tell a few hundred or sometimes thousands of people that their marriage is ending, their kids are poorly behaved, their love life sucks or what they’re having for breakfast every morning is beyond me. I’m too uncomfortable to constantly unfriend but the unnecessary information overload has taken the fun out of it so I rarely ever post anything these days. not to mention, the constant stream of site changes is a real pain in the rump as well. real bone to pick with that Mark Zuckerberg!

but there’s a silver lining in every cloud 😀

a few months back, while scanning my FB feed in search of beauty sites, fashion designers, healthy eating experts and design blogs I’ve either “friended” or subscribed to, something occurred to me. why not just create a list of my fave friends so I can see their posts faster and bypass all the drama and b.s I’d prefer to avoid!

so, I clicked on the “Lists” category to the left of my page and selected “Create List” at the top. next, I simply labeled my list “Faves” and started adding names from my friends list by clicking each letter of the alphabet on my keyboard and selecting from the list of options that came up. now, I have a list of 76 faves and can check it right away when I log into FB without having to navigate through irrelevant posts along the way. can you say, time-saver!

ahem….if anyone uses Instagram, please leave a comment and let me know how you like it? praise? peeves? I’m all ears…


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