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Oil Sheets

ever wish you’d purchased shares of a company stock, simply due to the amount of money you’ve contributed to its success? a contribution that must surely entitle you to some piece of the pie right? yep. I agree, they owe us.

I can only imagine how much my stock in oil sheets would be worth by now, particularly Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets because I’ve gone through thousands, not kidding. I’ve actually panicked at work upon finding I’d forgotten my sheets at home. It’s like leaving my cell phone behind, and we all know what that’s like.

as I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, I have oily skin and while it has some perks, grease slicks are nothing to brag about. If I don’t prep my skin really well pre-makeup application, it can be an uphill battle of blotting and checking all day long. It’s a pain in the ass, truly. having someone glance toward your general direction only to do a quick double-take as their eyes pass you, spurs an instant thought of oh no, am I all greasy & stuff?!…not the most pleasant experience.

needless to say, I’ve been using oil sheets forever and I swear by em’. I’m not particularly fond of the paper variety, I gotta have the blue sheets to sop up the soup of sebum that’s become my face on more than one occasion. yea, sit with that image for a while…. welcome to my world.

I also use Meijer’s (grocery store in the Midwest, not sure where else they’re located) generic brand because it’s an exact replica of my faithful Clean & Clear sheets.

like with other Clean & Clear products, you can buy these at your local drugstore for $5 or less.

3 comments on “Oil Sheets

  1. pearlessence
    March 7, 2012

    Honestly, we could save lots if we just bought that waxy paper that doctors have for lining their exam tables with and cut your own for traveling. It works just as well at absorbing oil and costs a fraction of actual commercial blotting papers.

    • suite7beautytalk
      March 8, 2012

      Haven’t tried the doctors wax paper but I have tried the paper used for restroom seat covers, standard wax paper & neither was that effective. Though the napkins at Starbucks do a really good job.

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