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spa’light on red mountains, card readings, black lava and ancient rituals

I’ve never been to Utah. no particular reason, besides the fact that I’m not much of a traveler. I’m a tragic homebody and must have a well thought out reason for ending up too far from home for long periods of time. sounds worse than it is. kinda.

despite my home-clinging tendencies, I have a bucket list of places I want to visit. truthfully the list consists mostly of spas & shopping excursions, but traveling is traveling so it all counts right? one place that would make a trip to Utah worth leaving my laptop behind? the award-winning Red Mountain Resort.

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the cool thing about this spa destination – you can be as chill or as active as you like. somehow being active early in the day then pampered at night seems like a great blend of activity for a week-long spa visit. like an adventure for your mind, body & spirit.

Red Mountain Spa sits on 55 acres of land & features red rock cliffs, black lava bed gardens and lush green scenery for lots of exploration. not to mention, it’s near two national and one state park (over 7000 acres to enjoy) so it’d be worth packing the extra zoom lens as I’m sure the views are ah’mazeeng.

admittedly, I’m a true-blue city girl & never been one to hike for fear of some wild rare breed jungle cat jumping out the forest and clawing my fake diamond studs right out of my head (laughing but more serious than you know), so a guided hike with a trained instructor knowledgable of the area would be a welcomed experience.

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If you’re an adventure lover, they also offer intense mountain bike rides as well as over 50 fitness classes weekly. you can take part in healthy living classes and workshops to learn how to keep up your progress upon returning home.

Red Mountain also offers something they call ‘an ancient ritual designed to inspire personal growth and spiritual understanding‘. hmm, why do I have images of screams heard while attempting to run barefoot across hot coals surrounded by locals draped in gauzy fabric donning halos made of leaves while chanting in meditation? too many movies? maybe. but with a spa that offers card readings, one can never be too sure. 😯

as is customary with all destination spas, three healthy meals are included with each package. with everything they have to offer, you’re sure to work up an appetite.

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check out some of their specialty treatments & programs:

  • desert herb poultice massage
  • adobe lavender hydrating cocoon
  • men’s & teen’s spa & salon services (fun for the whole fam)
  • cactus queen wrap (they had me at queen)
  • mother earth wrap
  • desert pearl facial
  • desert nectar honey wrap
  • four hands massage (sounds like a

and if ALL that isn’t appealing enough, they have a pet-friendly policy too… how sweet. 

rates: start at $239/night

check out their website: here


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