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SMT: Timely Tweets

SMT: social media tools – every blogger needs em.

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whether tweeting, blogging or posting FB (facebook) updates, the more active you become on the web, the more efficient you’ll want your productivity to be. wasted time is bad.

linking Twitter to my blog is a great way to auto-communicate posts to my followers without actually having to log into Twitter and send out links. there’s a bunch of Twitter tools out there to help enhance one’s Twitter experience (twitvid, twitpic) but I also like the idea of being able to load a bunch of tweets into a barrel and having an app determine when to launch them. another way to take the footwork off my plate.

enter Timely by Demandforce.

said to help you schedule tweets for maximum impact.

How it works:

  1. Load your tweets into Timely.
  2. They publish them when they determine each tweet will have the maximum impact.
  3. You get more retweets, mentions & followers.

despite seeming all mysterious, there’s actually a bit of science behind the process. Timely’s magic involves analyzing your last 199 tweets to figure out the best time slots for launch. they then use the info to auto-schedule your tweets & learn as your followers grow. they also offer analytic info to show you native and classic re-tweets, along with clicks and the reach for each individual tweet. cool huh?

I’ve used it for a little while now & I like the idea of dropping several tweets into a scheduled bucket without having to sign in each time I want to send a tweet.  easy. efficient. simple.

check it out here.


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