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seeing double. the mystery of the duo

Identical twins photographed in 1967, by Diane Arbus


there’s such a magic surrounding the aesthetic of twins. at first it seems you might be under some weird 60s revisited hallucinogenic effect. seeing double. same face. same hair. and if children, same clothing. as children, twins are darling. two of the same, if identical. if not, they still share a certain synchronicity despite it not being obvious. personally, I’d much rather look alike. otherwise, the fun is lacking a bit even if cosmic connections remain. such darlings are twins as children. I suppose it gets a little complicated as teens and adults while still carrying its positives. but trying to establish your own identity when your DNA mirrors another so closely, can be challenging to say the least.

my parents were told to expect twins with me. newly married with one little girl on their hands was plenty so I’m sure the thought of expecting two new additions was a bit much. well, I was born solo. their doctor explained the medical definition for how that happens. (click for Vanishing Twin Syndrome explanation) I think it’s rather common though. my father joked that I was such a mean baby that I ate my sibling. oddly, I’ve always felt that I should’ve been a twin, as if someone else was born with me. strange? perhaps.

anyhoo… a look at twins & their fascinating aesthetic.

Jill Hennessy with twin sister Jacqueline Hennessy – born 11/25/68 

Tiki and Ronde Barber born 4/7/75

                   Brittany and Cynthia Daniel, born 3/17/76

                    Tia and Tamera Mowry, born 7/6/78

Gisele and Patricia Bundchen, born 7/20/80

Born 12/7/87. Aaron Carter and his twin sister, Angel. May she rest in peace.

Justin and Jason Chambers, born 7/11/70

Ann Landers & Abigail Van Buren, born 7/4/1918

Andrea (in yellow) & Deidre Hall, born 10/31/47

                                   Albert and Allen Hughes, born 4/1/72

                                       Michael & Ashton Kutcher, born 2/7/78

Scarlett and Hunter Johansson, born 11/22/84

Designer Marissa Ribisi and actor Giovanni Ribisi, born 12/17/74

Isabella and Isotta Rossellini, born 6/18/52

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, born 6/13/86

so what do you think about the telepathic-twosome-phenom otherwise known as twins? are you a twin? have or know of any?

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