There are seven fundamental types of catastrophes. Beauty is not one of them.

dressing: the art of the gentleman part 2

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there’s more to being a gentleman than simply dressing the part. It’s a cumulative behavior added up over time that eventually enters the building before you’ve placed your hand on the revolving door. It’s a reputation built on a foundation of character and like a budding garden of more organic delectables than tainted weeds, it’s the caring for and tending to when no one is looking that ultimately yields acres of quality product. you just know a gentleman is in the building with a single glance.

Dr. Steve Perry
Founder of Capital Preparatory Magnet School
CNN Education Contributor
If you do not know who this man is, google him, he's worth it. I first learned of his incredible dedication to children and the state of improving education while watching a TV segment (featuring Dr. Perry) a few years ago. I was impressed by his story, his mission and ahem... the man has style. A true warrior-gentleman. Learn about him.

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Anderson Cooper
I've watched Anderson since his ground-level coverage of Hurricane Katrina. Anderson was there wading through the water with locals, holding hands and appeared as disgusted as I was by the catastrophic outcome and ignorant coverage by other "journalists" who referred to those suffering as "refugees". Anderson was respectful and real. And his mother's jeans totally rocked the 80's.

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Morris Chestnut.
The second his character hit his mark in 'The Best Man', jaws dropped open & it was clear what this man can do to a suit. His movies and interviews never fail to showcase his winning smile, and polite yet down-to-earth nature making him a favorite among female fans everywhere.

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Robert Redford
Ok, ok, I admit it. I wasn't really aware or checking for Mr. Redford prior to 'Indecent Proposal'. It was his turn as the extremely polite yet awfully bold & cunningly clever business man who made me & many of you take notice of the ginger-haired hunk. I, for one, went back and watched some of his earlier work. Yep, same spell was cast & he was a gentleman back then too. How ever did Babs resist? And we have him to thank for Sundance so there's that too.

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Hill Harper
Distinguished actor and Harvard alum turned author, political activist and creator of Manifest Your Destiny - a program with a mission to empower underserved youth through education and personal development.

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Jake Gyllenhaal
So, one day I got a text from my sister and in it she referenced the hotness of Jake. To which I replied with something like, "please. he's like 12." My sister quickly retorted with something like, "12 my ass. you see him in Brothers?" So I was all like, "Um no, and I have no desire to, he's 12." Then she was all, "12 my ass, just watch the movie punk." Alas, I got the last word in with "whatevs". Me and my sis have very deep and mature text convos as you can tell. Fast forward a few months later, I was bored and stumbled across 'Brothers' on Netflix. Lo & behold, she was right. Jake Gyllenhaal: cute, sexy and definitely NOT 12.

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Paul Newman
One of my first-ever childhood crushes. The camera loved this man. He was proof that perfect DNA does exist. And it's a good thing he became an actor because I couldn't imagine those eyes on the other side of a teacher's desk or firemen's uniform. I mean seriously, could you imagine?! And he loved one woman all his life. All the more reason to love Paul Newman. And let's face it, the man makes one helluva salad dressing. swoooon

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one last thing, if you haven’t seen it yet – watch Paris Blues asap! Paul Newman, Sydney Poitier, Joanna Woodward & Diahann Carrol. Paris. The blues. Nuff said!

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The camera literally makes love to Newman’s silhouette. It’s THAT effin’ good. Get into it honey!


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