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Five Easy Pieces: Celebrity Fragrances, Allergic Reactions…and finally, a solution



Part Two

I’ve never been a huge fan of celebrity fragrances, it’s too much to get into for this post, but I have two exceptions: J-Lo’s Glow & Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely. Each has such unique, ethereal and perfectly feminine notes capable of making me feel that much prettier and put together, whether I’m wearing sweat pants or dressed for an evening out. No other celeb fragrance even comes close in my book.

But then….

A few years ago, just moments after I sprayed Glow on my pulse points, I started sneezing. Terribly. Couldn’t stop, it was awful. Bella happened to be in the bathroom with me and she started sneezing too. I felt worse for her than for myself. Anyone who’s ever seen a dog sneeze uncontrollably knows how equally helpless and adorable they look. I couldn’t understand what was going on, suddenly my favorite fragrance had turned on me, but just to be sure, I tried it again the next day. Same thing happened. That was it, no more Glow. I started to wonder what exactly had I been applying to my skin each day? That’s when I started paying closer attention to perfume ingredients and quickly realized I needed a change.


First, I decided to switch to rollerballs. I know the ingredients are the same as the spray bottles, but for some reason, I felt like I was making a safer choice. I love rollerballs because you can just pop em’ right in your purse and apply them discreetly for touch ups. Plus they are aren’t as strong and less expensive. I could stop by Sephora and purchase a few for under $100. Of course, the amount was far less than you’d receive in a standard size bottle but still, it was somehow an advantage in my book.

Then I discovered a more natural solution to all this….

After about a year of using rollerballs for my fragrance needs, I came across a dazzling review for Lucretia’s Body Oils and Sprays. Followed by another dazzling review, and another, eventually a few things stood out that sparked my curiosity:

  1. homemade products with natural ingredients
  2. extremely affordable prices
  3. great customer service
  4. hundreds of popular scents available in the form of perfume oils
  5. rollerballs GALORE

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t somewhat skeptical at first, having tried several other perfume oils in the past which missed the mark scent-wise, but the enthusiastic reviews left me too curious not to place an order.

Next up, I’ll review my initial purchases from Lucretia’s. Just so you know, everything I’ll be sharing with you was purchased by me, with my first order taking place over two years ago. I don’t like to use something once or twice and then share it on my blog, I like to get to know the product and how it works for me before recommending it to anyone. Stay tuned..there’s a sweet offer ahead.. 🙂

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