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Five Easy Pieces: The Power of Fragrance


This post has nothing to do with Jack Nicholson’s legendary film, which I totally recommend by the way. Nope, I’m talking all about fragrance here….it’s power, the challenges it presents when greening the ole’ beauty regimen and my new find for doing just that, naturally! I divided it into five easy pieces for your quick reading enjoyment, and I strongly urge you to read each one, cuz there’s a prize at the end! And it’s going to be a good one! 🙂

There’s much to be said about the power of fragrance. Its appeal is equal parts empowering and evocative. We all have our favorites whether store-bought or home-made, floral or fresh.

My earliest fragrance memories come from my childhood. Receiving early morning goodbye kisses from my mother resulted in a sweet residual combination of Jean Nate, Oil of Olay, Fashion Fair lipstick and Doublemint gum. Had I not felt her forehead kiss, her scent would linger in the air when I woke, a comforting reminder that she hadn’t forgotten her morning ritual, aside from the deep red lip print left on my face.

Coty Wild Musk, my first fragrance worn in high school. [credit:]

Coty Wild Musk, my first fragrance worn in high school. [credit:]

I discovered my love of perfume in high school, most girls opted for Love’s Baby Soft, while my friends and I wore Coty’s Wild Musk. I still love it’s light and fresh scent despite its inability to last more than a few minutes, if I’m lucky.

I’ve tried so many scents throughout the years and know what I like. Fresh. Clean. Sexy. Subtle.

One concern with greening my beauty regimen was having to give up my favorite fragrances. Considering “fragrance” is a no-no ingredient, and no one really knows what goes into the commercial variety, what options are there for those of us who aren’t really into the natural woodsy-earthy scents, and aren’t comfortable blindly buying higher priced custom lines sold online or at specialty stores. I have to test a scent beforehand to make sure I like it. Can’t be the only one?

Years ago, I received a gift card to have a custom fragrance created at an Aveda store, talk about excited! The process was painless, however, I left with a glass vial of some peppermint rosemary woodsy concoction that ended up in the back of my perfume cabinet and ultimately rolled somewhere behind the dresser. No bueno.

Stay tuned for Part Two of Five Easy Pieces, where I’ll discuss celebrity fragrances, rollerballs & finally introduce my latest find in this green beauty {fragrance} journey! 🙂

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