There are seven fundamental types of catastrophes. Beauty is not one of them.

Fun Fridays…7 bits of randomness {photography,Titanic, Race Relations, Natural Hair & more}

First Friday of the month & it just happens to land on the first day of February, new beginnings all around. Hope everyone had a great week & will have an even greater weekend… till next week, enjoy these random online bits of wonder….

𝍬 26 Moments That Restored Our Faith In Humanity  is a step toward some sunshine and faith when so much in our world is completely mad.

𝍬 He was on the brink of a major life change  but sadly, died alone and homeless before he knew about it.

𝍬 20 Absolutely Breathtaking Photos of Central Park  makes it easy to see why it costs so much to rent or buy anywhere near the area. 

𝍬 Leonardo DiCaprio is one of my favorite actors, so when I heard  he walked Kate Winslet down the aisle at her wedding,  admittedly I gasped a little. How sweet.

𝍬 If you’re an esthetician, a spa enthusiast or just like reading interesting articles about the subject, you’ll find this one about Race Relations and the Spa Industry  worth your while. As a black woman and licensed esthetician, I agree my education didn’t cover the special needs of ethnic skin – which includes other ethnicities of color as well. The Fitzpatrick Scale is just the start of it! I was the only brown face in the class & if I hadn’t been there to bring up hyperpigmentation, scarring, keloids and so on, my instructor might’ve skipped it altogether. There’s definitely a gap.

𝍬 Since I’ve been blabbing about natural hair this week (my unfinished journey..more to come next week), thought I’d share this fabulous slideshow all about  Natural Hair in 2012: The Year Curly, Kinky And Natural Tresses Took Over The World

𝍬 It’s Black History Month…so I’d like to include one of my earlier & favorite posts from last February. Do you know about  Sarah Forbes Bonetta Davies?  I’ve found her story fascinating since I first read about her. You have to consider the times and the unique life she lived, pretty amazing. Where was her story in my history books?





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