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I tried it: Eclos Anti-Aging Cellular Activator Facial Serum


Do you use face serums? I’m a huge fan. Of course, the right serum is key to ensure best results. It depends on your skin type and condition. I have combination skin. Acne and sensitivity are major concerns, but my current regimen works really well. And while it’s not entirely green, it’s one area I’m going to have to modify because it works better than anything else I’ve tried.

My current line is professional grade and free of synthetic dyes and fragrances, mineral oil, petrolatum, lanolin and phthalates, so it’s better than most commercial brands. Since I’m sticking to a product regimen that my skin finally agrees with, I’m happy to try green products here and there. 🙂

Recently, I tried (and finished) a generous sample of Eclos Anti-Aging Cellular Activating Face Serum. Eclos uses Plant Stem Cells extracted from a rare Swiss apple with the belief that it shows tremendous ability to stimulate skin cells. Their formulation also includes plant extracts, vitamins, and anti-oxidants to help minimize the signs of aging.

As we age, skin cells don’t regenerate as often, which is why exfoliation is so important starting in our 30s.

My Thoughts

  • It’s lightweight and mildly scented, barely noticed a scent at all which is a plus and I love that it’s not greasy.
  • It applied well, felt very light and smooth on my skin.
  • Played well with my other products, which is very important to me. I have a few that can only be applied at night because they don’t wear well under makeup. I used this serum both morning and night for several weeks and had no problems when applying my makeup and other products.
  • Just a dab will do, one pump of the dispenser releases the perfect amount to cover my entire face.
  • Didn’t irritate my sensitive, acneic skin at all. My skin was clear when I started using it and remained that way throughout.
  • My skin seemed a little firmer and brighter while using this serum, which means the anti-aging angle works in their favor. Point, score!

Overall, I’d definitely recommend this serum for all skin types, especially combination or sensitive skin. If you  need help with firming or brightening your complexion, give it a try! A full size bottle retails for $24.99, however, Eclos sells sample kits at Target and on Amazon.


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