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How To: The Perfect Pedicure {download}

My tootsies all polished up in Circus' Tightrope by AndreasChoice

My tootsies all polished up in Circus’ Tightrope by Andrea’s Choice….

Are you good at DIY pedicures? I’ve struggled for years, trying every tip, product and technique you can think of, hoping to duplicate the fabulous results I get at the salon, only to end up frustrated.

Salon pedicures are a must-have during summer months, but at $65 a pop, I really wanted to find a DIY method. And I was determined to keep at it until I got it right. It finally happened last summer, I perfected my process and I’ve enjoyed at-home luxury pedis for months now and like the salon pros, it only takes me an hour to do. Yippee! 🙂

Since I love passing on favorite beauty tips and tricks, I want to share my process with you {if you’re like me & trying to perfect your technique} and I also included a download option for easy access on your computer… enjoy!

The Perfect Pedicure

  • Remove any existing nail color with polish remover of your choice
  • Trim nails with nail clipper 
  • File in one direction to shape nails
  • Use a gentler file or buffing block to smooth nails in one direction to get rid of any rough edges
  • Apply 1 drop of cuticle remover oil to cuticles and nails & massage it into skin.

Solar Oil is my preferred brand


  • Pour a generous amount of Epsom Salt (any brand) into tub of warm water & add several sliced lemons to keep nails white
  • Soak feet in water for 20 minutes to soften skin
  • Dry off feet
  • Push back cuticles using stainless steel cuticle pusher


  • Clean toes with cuticle pusher or orangewood stick – be sure to swipe underneath nail and along sides of cuticle
  • Optional – Clip loose cuticles or skin with cuticle clipper

I usually skip this step because I clean up well using a stainless steel cuticle pusher, orangewood sticks aren’t that thorough in my opinion

  • Using a buffing block, buff nails so there are no rough edges & polish goes on flawlessly 
  • Use a pumice stone on heels and balls of feet

I purchased this great dual-sided tool at a local salon for $20. It’s stainless steel and included 10 adhesive grit pads of my choice, I opted for the medium grit to ensure a good exfoliation.


While writing this post, I found the same tool for a lot less, I highly recommend it, such a great investment. I once spent $40 for a Diamancel Diamond Foot File years ago. It was all the rage then, and guaranteed to last forever, but its effectiveness diminished over time. 

  • Use a salt exfoliator on feet to get rid of dead skin

This is my little secret for super soft feet. One thing I noticed about salon pedicures is they tend to leave feet scrubbed dry. My favorite remedy is a DIY scrub like this one mixed with shower gel. Simply place your feet in the tub, run enough warm water to cover your feet, then mix the scrub & shower gel together in your hands. Scrub feet really well & rinse clean before drying off.

  • Pick your favorite lotion and massage it thoroughly into feet
  • Go over nails again with polish remover
  • Use toe separators to apply polish

For this step, I simply rip a paper towel in half and twist it around my toes, far more flexible than toe separators, then just toss it when done 

  • Apply your favorite top coat

My favorite top coat of all time is Instant Artificials. Not only does it make my polish last longer, but it also makes my nails strong, which I love. I tell everyone about this stuff, so worth the money.


  • Apply 1-2 coats of color
  • Apply Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, I can’t do without it because it gets my nails dry in no time.


Just recently, I started topping off my nails with a quick blast of cooking spray for an even faster finish. It adds a nice shine, and gets nails completely dry in seconds. I’m pretty impatient, and adding this step helps me get dressed and out the house when I wait till the last minute to spruce up my nails, even the beau is impressed.

So that’s it, my steps for a perfect pedicure. You will absolutely love how soft your feet feel and how long your professional looking polish lasts! 

If you try these steps, please drop me a line & lemme know..


Click here to download these steps for easy access on your computer


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