There are seven fundamental types of catastrophes. Beauty is not one of them.

Damnit WordPress, you’re ruining my {blogging} life!

Yep, I said it!

Forgive me for being dramatic, I’m sweaty…..

This week has been engrained in physical activity, which I’m innately allergic to and yet convinced that if you’re fat & don’t wanna be anymore, it’s a necessary torture. And since I’m neurologically programmed to fail at multi-tasking, I’ve had a time combining the practice of a sound (see: disciplined) nutritional establishment (diet is a bad, bad word) while keeping up with the daily posting of my blog. Sooo, I’m posting more than once today to catch up & fire off these drafts that I prepared in advance, only to publish behind, nice right?

Now, I know when a blog falls behind in reg updates, it’s possible readers look away for a sec or something sparkly catches the sun & distraction occurs, – UM, been there, gets it! But I haven’t been away that long, yet somehow my posts this week feel as though they’ve been dumped into a black hole. Lonely. Barren. Stark. Since I’m void of shallow arrogance, and fully aware not all of my posts knock it out the park, initially I thought ya’ll just weren’t feeling the  green ingredient-checking, recycling thing,  but seeing as how most of my readers are all about that healthy, cruelty-free, DIY life, (and that reference is exactly why I forced myself to stop watching Basketball Wives) I knew that wasn’t it so what gives, then…..

I Lost One

This morning, I did a quick check of my blogging stats as I tend to do each week & noticed that *gasp* I lost a subscriber!

It happens. I know. Won’t be the last time I’m sure, but it’s the first time for me so it stung a bit. I did a scan of my readers list, as if my super-sleuth senses could detect the lost one, but who am I kidding – I barely know all of my neighbor’s names much less over 100 e-mail addresses/blog names so I let it go, trying not to feel discouraged. Then I hopped over to my Reader & made note of something odd as I scanned the list of blogs I’m following – ALL OF MY NOTIFICATION ALERTS WERE TURNED OFF!!! 

This explains why I haven’t received any new blog post updates from the blogs I follow, but again, all the physical activity this week has lessened my focus, so I wasn’t aware. Now if I’m not getting my blog notification updates, maybe you aren’t either. This is ridiculous WordPress, and not the first time I’ve caught this mishap, so what gives?!

I urge all of my fellow WordPress Bloggers to check their settings and update them if necessary. I don’t have time to keep checking my settings and googling answers so I seriously hope WP gets their act together, because I’m happy otherwise but isn’t every couple right before the divorce?

This frustrating & unexpected happening has left me short on time, so I won’t be able to post about the return of Mad Men this Sunday. Long-awaited & much debated but so happy they’re back!!! Or the sad passing of legendary Chicagoan and celebrity film critic – Roger Ebert. He was a staple during my childhood….

Wishing everyone a safe & blessed weekend! My niece’s Sweet 16 is this Saturday – – – goodness, time should be an airline because it waits for no one…

Blog soon!



3 comments on “Damnit WordPress, you’re ruining my {blogging} life!

  1. Bee
    April 5, 2013

    Ha ha, u are quite entertaining! ! I love the way your words flow and seem to always engaged! Love ya stuff!

  2. addercatter
    April 7, 2013

    I’m still here. It wasn’t me!!! Hugs, Kat

    • suite7beautytalk
      April 12, 2013

      Aww, thanks Kat! I appreciate that, WP tends to be a thorn in my side lately.. How are you?


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