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Weleda Wild Rose – the tiny sample that lasts forever..

While this pic has nothing to do with eye cream, it's the month of Marilyn's passing, 51 years & still as relevant as ever!

While this pic has nothing to do with eye cream, it’s the month of Marilyn’s passing, 51 years & still as relevant as ever!

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Before canceling my subscription to Goodebox, I received this tiny (10ml) sample of Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Eye Cream but tossed it into a drawer filled with dozens of other products I’ve yet to try {hence the reason I cancelled Goodebox}. Eye creams remain in constant rotation with me because unlike my skin care regimen, I can’t seem to find one that meets all of my needs. Samples can often be tricky because they usually don’t contain enough product to give you a valid picture of effectiveness. If you’ve ever used a sample product that positively affected your skin, only to shell out big bucks for the real thing and found the results lacking, or nonexistent after only a few weeks, then you know what I’m referring to. Skin can have an instant reaction to products that’s short-lived and changes over time, which is why samples are tricky. Plus, I’m fairly convinced samples contain more concentrated ingredients than a full-sized product but that’s a post for another time.

I used every last drop as you can see...

I used every last drop as you can see…

What surprised me about Weleda Rose Smoothing Eye Cream is how long it lasted, long enough to know whether the results were real in gauging its effectiveness. For two months, I used this eye cream morning & night and because it’s formulation is light and silky, I dotted it along my orbital bone and around my eye forming a circle then quickly patted it for absorption while increasing circulation and blood flow for firmer looking skin. And although I didn’t refrigerate it, there was a cooling sensation with every application. I’m not a fan of rose scented anything, but the scent wasn’t noticeable and it didn’t irritate my sensitive eyes.

As for the results, I definitely noticed a firmer, brighter undereye, which was noticeable once I ran out & now that I’ve moved on to another eye cream which is stickier in texture and not as easily spreadable as Weleda’s. Once I’ve used the remainder of eye creams in my product drawer, I just might buy a full-sized tube of Weleda’s as I definitely recommend it for its firming, brightening and long-lasting properties. It’s not holy grail but it certainly makes the list of possibility.

* This was not a paid/sponsored post. My money, my product. 🙂


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