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got acne? try this.

acne. there’s a word i don’t like. that’s being kind. i hate acne. really, really do. it’s awful and there’s no time in your life when it’s bearable because when it shows up, there’s little that can be done to make it go away as fast as you’d like. it’s normal to fight the acne battle during your teen years since it’s presence is usually hormonally driven and well, puberty is the epitome of hormonal change in the body. but if you’re like me and never had acne as a teen, only to have it sprout up in your 20’s, tossing your vanity in the trash – no mercy shown – this might help:

Omega – 3.6.9 by Nordic Naturals

ever hear of it?

i’m aware of the positive impact fish oil has on skin and a few years back, i read some awesome reviews on this stuff so i’m going to give it a go and see what happens.

my acne isn’t nearly as bad as it used to be but if i’m not careful, i can easily fall prey to a cystic nodular nightmare so i’m going to give it a try and let you know my results.

my regimen will include taking two (faithfully) every morning.

here’s the 411 on the benefits:

Omega 3 ….

* Increases brainpower and cognitive ability in children.

* Reduces Alzheimer’s risk.

* Controls the effects of asthma.

* Reduces symptoms and effects of rheumatoid arthritis by reducing inflammation.

* Improves heart health.

* Can help reduce symptoms of mild to moderate depression, dementia, post-natal depression, bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia.

* Helps colon and breast cancer prevention.

* Helps to control blood sugar levels

Omega 6 ….

* Reduces joint inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis.

* Relieves PMS symptoms, including bloat, cramps and breast tenderness.

* Reduces symptoms of endometriosis and fibrocystic breasts.

* Maintains healthy skin; more specifically reduces symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.

* Clears acne and rosacea by reducing the number of clogged pores, stimulating contraction of blood vessels and reducing inflammation.

* Maintain and enhance the growth of healthy and vibrant hair.

* Prevent nerve deterioration in diabetics.

Omega 9

* Reduces arteriosclerosis or hardening of the arteries.

* Improves blood sugar maintenance and insulin resistance.

* Protects and supports the immune system.

* Reduces the risk of breast cancer.

* Lowers the rates of cardiovascular disease and improves heart health.

* Reduces blood pressure and the risk of strokes.

full disclosure: i wasn’t paid to review this nor did i receive it for free. nope, i went right over to my local health food store and paid for it with my own dough.

11 comments on “got acne? try this.

  1. virtuos and beautiful
    January 7, 2012

    Omega’s are amazing for your health! I just don’t like taking them because of the fishy burps. However, I am going to take my vitamins for this new year!

    • suite7beautytalk
      January 7, 2012

      virtuous, i agree with you completely. that’s one thing that caught my attention about nordic’s reviews, everyone said they could take it & not have the fish burps. just started them today. so far so good, but i’ll add a review once i’m further along in my regimen. thanks for checking out my blog! just bookmarked yours to check out, DIY beauty + AndreasChoice vids = win in my book. : 0 )

      • virtuos and beautiful
        January 10, 2012

        I took my omega pills today! Aww thank you for your compliment!

      • suite7beautytalk
        January 11, 2012

        You’re welcome. ; ) Which brand of Omega do you use?

      • virtuos and beautiful
        January 13, 2012

        I use the GNC be wholesome omega pills. I cannot say they are the best as I really don’t like the taste of the enteric coating either. But maybe I should not complain as straight fish oil is not the best tasting things in the world.

  2. annaimwunderland
    January 8, 2012

    I’dlove to know what you think about these after taking them for a month, that would be so interesting!

    • suite7beautytalk
      January 9, 2012

      hi anna, i’m definitely going to provide an update around that time. it’s only been a few days & so far so good!

  3. Nicole
    January 12, 2012

    I was totally hooked on fish oil until I tried Flax Seed oil, similar benefits but no fishy taste.

    • suite7beautytalk
      January 13, 2012

      Hi Nicole, I love flax seeds too, haven’t tried the oil version though. Nordics’s don’t have the fishy taste so the reviews I read on them haven’t let me down. Gonna have to check out flax oil.

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