There are seven fundamental types of catastrophes. Beauty is not one of them.


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I love a good detox. my problem is seeing it through without giving in to the heady temptation of sweets and carbs. I envy those who can, without even trying. the idea of detoxing from salt, sugar and trans fats sounds appealing to me. though, I think for it to work, (really work), I’d have to be locked away somewhere unable to get access to all the things I love.

a trip to the Pritikin Longevity Center & Spa might do the trick. I heard about this spa several years ago and while I’ve never been (yet), it’s one of those places I imagine celebrities go to hide out & lose weight before the hitting the red carpet or giving the credit to a weight loss campaign.

Pritikin is located in Aventura, Florida and offers a variety of spa packages to meet a variety of needs. first, you undergo an exam then you meet with their doctors and dietitians for nutritional counseling, to set up cardio sessions and layout your meal plan. they claim their clients lose up to six pounds per week on diets low in fat, sugar and salt but moderate in animal protein while high in fiber-rich carbs.

besides healthy eating and sweaty cardio sessions, you can also enjoy all the pampering you can stand (see: afford). Pritikin offers a full menu of spa services along with a golf course for the man in your life.

of course, you can’t expect this sort of setting to come cheap. their weight loss package starts at $1,300 and that’s excluding room rates. while they don’t list all of their rates online, I’m sure the going rate for the whole shebang is pretty hefty after it’s all added up. but if I had the money to blow without putting a dent in my wallet, I think it’d be a good investment and a jump-start toward better health!

definitely on my spa wish list for the time being.

what are your thoughts on weight loss/detox spas?


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