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Something I’ve never given much thought to…

Dishwashing detergent.

We’ve always used a green eco brand of dishwashing detergent from Melaleuca. It gets the job done. The smell is subtle, barely noticeable and that’s always been fine with me.

But like so many things in life, you tend not to notice what’s missing until what’s missing appears and then suddenly you gain this new appreciation for something you never had. And that recently happened to me….in the form of washing dishes of all things!

Full disclosure, I was sent a new dishwashing liquid to try. Actually, I was sent a box full of dishwashing liquid to try.

Three full sized bottles by Palmolive to be exact. We were close to running out so I was actually excited to receive them. I wasn’t expecting it but I had received an e-mail from Influenster weeks ago that said I would receive a new product in the mail to test out. I had forgotten about it and then viola, this box of suds busting goodies shows up on my doorstep.

Immediately upon opening the box, I liked the packaging. Pretty packaging makes you happy to display the product in plain view. The transparent liquid in different colors made for another positive before I had bothered unscrewing the top to check out the scents. Mmmm, smells good = another perk. Fresh, clean smells that make you:

a) want to use it, and b) want to smell it again.

I received three scents as part of Palmolive’s Fresh Infusions line:

  • Ginger White Tea
  • Lemon Thyme
  • Lime Basil

Ginger White Tea smells more like pomegranate to me. It has a refreshing, sweet, crisp fruity scent that reminds me of a great shower gel.

Lime Basil smells like limes hidden by something else. It doesn’t really smell like basil but I’m assuming that must be it since limes are pretty potent but more subtle in this liquid.

Lemon Thyme is my favorite! Sweet fresh citrus delight. Once again, it reminds me of a beloved shower gel that you’d find at Bath & Body.

So far, I’ve only started using the Ginger White Tea. It lathers nicely and only takes a few drops to clean our dishes. Even the significant other noticed the nice job it does and he could care less about the scent factor. Still, for a guy to notice the effectiveness of a dishwashing liquid is still a win for Palmolive in my book.

Palmolive’s Fresh Infusions line is currently available at Walmart and Target.


2 comments on “Something I’ve never given much thought to…

  1. teenainjerusalem
    October 30, 2012

    I so agree that you don´t notice what you are missing, till what is missing comes back. I had the very same experience the other day, also with having used a green cleaner (a toilet-cleaner to be exact!), and then all of a sudden used a “regular” one with all the foam and all the clean smell and all that there used to be. And it´s kind of nice…

    • suite7beautytalk
      October 30, 2012

      Lol, glad I’m not the only one! It’s funny because I try to be “green” and stuck to it pretty well up to this point. Now I’m longing for that super clean smell & sudsy, gritty cleaning action that was around when I was a kid helping my mom to clean the house.


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