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Oh Ben, how I love your Banana!

Powder that is…..what’d you think this post was gonna be about?!


But if there were ever a product that has me hooked ~ hooked ~ hooked, as in Christian Grey’s red room hooked (um for the love of all that is holy, DO NOT click on that link….poor Elliot Handler did not intend for his creation to be displayed in such a manner), it is none other than Ben Nye’s Banana Powder! I sincerely get the hype and devoted admiration for this stuff because now I too hype it up constantly and every time I use it, I get excited because I know it’s going to make me fall in love with whatever makeup I’ve just spent the last 15 minutes or so applying to my face.

And it does.  Every. Time.

that’s me last weekend, having just completed a makeup ‘trial-run’ for a get-together with friends where I finished off my look with BP, of course!

Just last week, I was raving about it to the ladies on a beauty forum I’ve become addicted to and a few ran out or logged on, ordered it up & are now singing Ben’s and my praises because it’s rockin’ their world!!

Ya see, Banana Powder is probably the only time I’ll ever thank the Kardashians’ for anything, thanks to Kim’s makeup artist, this lovely fine-milled yellow based powder has taken off with makeup artists, bloggers and the everyday woman alike. He said it’s the secret to Kim’s infamous under eye glow and boy, did he hit it on the head! Um, instead of creating her own blah-blah-blah cosmetics line, she needs to be endorsing this stuff, it’s already amazing, which means there’s very little work required on her part…yea, I’ll stop while I’m ahead.

It really highlights and illuminates the face, mattifies the complexion without settling into pores BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! It’s very inexpensive, works too damn good to be considered “cheap” but a small container will last you forever because you only need a tiny bit on your brush, then just pat under your eyes, down your nose, across your chin & dab along your forehead ~ that’s how I use it & boy does it upgrade my look, no matter what makeup I use underneath. It highlights far better than any highlighter or bronzer I’ve ever tried & if you already have yellow undertones in your skin, you need this in your life! No joke.

the shaker dispenser makes it easy to use just a lil at a time

Its. Just. So. Damn. Good.

So thank you Ben, from the bottom of my accessorized ♥. Your banana is the bomb!

And to all of you, I simply say ☞ Get some…. 🙂

Laters baby

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