There are seven fundamental types of catastrophes. Beauty is not one of them.

Beauty Clubs: what I love, what I loathe & what I can’t wait to try


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                                    Beauty clubs.

Seems a new one debuts each week that appeals to our beauty-obsessed, product-junkie driven appetites.

SEE: List of Monthly Beauty Membership Clubs

2009: I joined NewBeauty TestTube™ – created by NewBeauty magazine. For $29.95 + $8.95 shipping, I received a tube-shaped cylinder four times per year filled with a variety of beauty samples, plus NewBeauty magazine. NewBeauty was one of the first beauty membership clubs to launch. I joined because I truly loved their magazine. Unlike the standard beauty/fashion/relationship advice mag, NewBeauty featured lesser known products (often high-end) alongside luxury spa treatments and plastic surgery procedures complete with before and after pictures and a directory of the best plastic surgeons nationwide. After three years, I canceled my membership because the products featured in the TestTube were more drugstore variety (Lumene) and were not showcased among the luxury line-up in the magazine. I ended up with too many repeats and duplicates and after voicing my concerns, nothing changed, so I canceled my subscription.

Next, I decided to try myglam. As someone who subscribes to many YouTube beauty channels, I was excited when Andrea (of AndreasChoice) and Michelle Phan (Michelle is a mega YouTube sensation who now works for Lancome as their brand ambassador) announced they were collaborating with other beauty gurus to launch myglam in December 2011. Initially, there was a waiting list to join myglam but it didn’t take long for me to receive notification to join. Unlike the other monthly makeup subscription clubs that offer just travel sized products, myglam ships out 4-5 full sized products for $10 a month plus you receive a different reusable makeup bag with each order. A few months ago, myglam underwent a name change to ipsy but the product quality and service has remained the same. Last month, my ipsy bag included a lip gloss that retails for $39, tell me that’s not a great deal when it’s one of five items plus a makeup bag for $10 (and that includes shipping). Can’t beat it!

Shortly after joining ipsy, I subscribed to Birchbox. Founded by two Harvard Business School graduates, Hayley Barna and Katia Beauchamp wanted to help companies identify the effectiveness of samples as well as offer women and men beauty products that work for them. Birchbox offers monthly subscriptions for $10/month. Your goodies are shipped in a cute simple brown box filled with 4-5 supersized samples from cosmetic and skincare companies.

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So, I spend $20 to receive 9-10 new beauty products each month. Both packages arrive around the third week of the month and I’ve never had a problem with shipping or condition from either company. I think it’s absolutely worth it to experience a mini-Christmas every month plus the total retail value of these products combined easily exceeds more than twice what I pay. And if you really like something in your ipsy or Birchbox package, you can always visit their website to purchase the item(s) with free shipping.

If I could, I’d try every beauty club out there. I don’t really shop for new makeup or skincare anymore. I have an established regimen for both & I don’t intend on making any major changes anytime soon. Subscribing to beauty membership clubs brings the newest items to me & if I like it, I keep it but if not, I can always give it away or sell any unopened items on ebay. 

As a new naturalista, I plan to try the CurlBox one of these days. 🙂

So what about you? Do you subscribe to beauty clubs? Any tips or faves you’d like to share….

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