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Listing: Things I Suck At


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Yesterday, I was at my wits’ end with this social media clean-up project. I can’t function in clutter (well, not too much clutter) so these last few days I’ve sorted through files & documents, reorganizing Facebook lists, overhauling Twitter accounts & updating Pinterest boards like crazy. And I’m still not done. After going without sleep, no seriously, I was up for 48 hours, I started thinking about how much I suck at multi-tasking. If there was an award for it, I’d win. No practice required. No audition needed.

The silver lining in this funky cloud? Reflecting on my shortcomings resulted in this post for your entertainment. After all, tis the season of giving. I do hope some of you will regale me with a few of your own…would only be right.

K, here we go…

Three (more) things I suck at:

  1. My hair: I’ve always wished I had the magic touch to recreate a fresh from the salon blow-out but it’ll never happen. Ever. I’m newly natural after years of relaxing but it’s still a trial & error process. I keep trying.
  2. Outdoor Stuff: Now this one’s gonna come as a shocker but I’m not the outdoorsy type. I know, a beauty blogger not big on the outdoors, what are the odds! The thought of sleeping inside a tent on top of dirt just doesn’t do it for me. I imagine I’d feel like a contestant on Survivor.  Swatting away bugs, eating out of cans (they do that don’t they) and sitting wide-eyed in a tent waiting to be eaten alive is no way to live when Groupon exists. Plus, you can’t shower & all your stuff gets shoved into some rolled up luggage to be worn on your back during the day. How on earth does one stay organized in that mess? I’d have to buy camp labels for everything. Why bother.
  3. Free-hand recipes:  Ever ask an aunt for her Peach Cobbler recipe and she spits it out in a flash with not one mention of a tablespoon of this or one cup of that, instead she says things like ‘just a pinch‘, or even worse, ‘eye-ball it. Um, yea. I need steps. Written steps. It’s not that I can’t cook, I just don’t trust my judgement to add anything less than approximate measurements. Unfortunately, this often results in looks of pity like I don’t know my way around the kitchen.

Oh dang, almost forgot math. I really suck at math, I owe a huge thanks to Pascal and Leibniz for inventing the calculator…. I’d be lost without it. 🙂

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