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It’s Ipsy Time!


So I promised myself I wouldn’t go too long without posting my review for Birchbox & Ipsy this month. Last night was all about Birchbox  & now the spotlight goes to Ipsy.

As I’m typing this post, I’m also dealing with a pretty ugly crabby mood. Not my own, oh no, who can be disgruntled surrounded by beauty goodies, not I. The funky mood is that of my beau, someone’s in the middle of household repairs and not the least bit happy about it. I say, either call a professional or stop complaining. He says it’s not that serious & what do I know about bolts, caulking, neoprene washers and all that jazz anyway. Can’t argue there, I couldn’t care less about that stuff but it’s not like he’s chomping at the bits of beauty blogging either…. I digress.. let’s get on with the good stuff, shall we?

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAIpsy’s December Bag is shimmery silver and would make a great clutch on New Year’s Eve, so long as you don’t need to carry too much with you. It’s just like a sexy shiny pencil case, that’s exactly what comes to mind. A pencil case with a silky pink satin interior. Adore.


NYX Ultra Peal Mania Eyeshadow in Mink Pearl:

A silky metallic taupey-bronze shade. It’s a loose powder form so I’m sure it could serve double duty as a highlighter on a variety of skin tones as well. Accidentally discovering a multi-purpose product is always an added bonus for the beauty stash.

retails: $2.99


Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero:

This isn’t your standard black eye-liner. Somehow it’s more plush & velvet looking. The pencil has a softer, cushiony appearance. It’s designed to stay put for the duration of your day & given Urban Decay’s rep, I’m sure it holds up on that end and probably goes on super smooth.

retails: $19


be a….bombshell Lip Gloss in hot mess:

A fiery red shade bordering on blue-red & tomato red which means it could work on a variety of skintones. Although it’s sheer, I’m not one for red on my lips, very rarely do I bother so I think I’ll hold on to this for gifting purposes. Hey, it’s not regifting if I never use it right? 🙂

retails: $10


Mirabella Primer For Face and Eyes:

A clear silky yet smooth formula for face & eyes to create the perfect base for your foundation. I must say, compared to the amount of product Smashbox offers in their primers, this tube seems a bit overpriced. If used daily, it could go very fast.

retails: $29


MW Mai Couture Highlight Paper in St. Barts:

Wondering if you’re thinking the same thing I’m thinking which is, for lack of better words, what the hell is highlight paper? Apparently, (per the company), it will turn up the wattage on lackluster skin in seconds flat. It’s designed for the face & body & works great on all skin tones.. hmm? I don’t know about your experience with highlighters but coloring is everything, the same shade is rarely universal. I like that its paraben & talc free, though I’m not so sure about the peachy pink color. I highlight with yellow powder only. Open mind…open mind…

So there it is, both reviews in & only hours apart. I’m getting better at this posting regularly thing, kinda like it.

And if I had to pick a winner of the December selections – Beauty Clubs Edition, I’d have to say this round goes to Ipsy. How can it not? Samples versus Full Sizes means kinda no contest..

Oh I almost forgot, the gals over at Ipsy included a $20 gift card for, a customized shoe boutique where all the selections are $39.95 with free shipping & returns.

Again, I say, not bad for $10 eh?

By the way, I didn’t swatch any of the products because I’m considering my first-ever giveaway next month & I’m not sure which products I want to include. I have a beauty closet filled with new items so what better way to bring in the New Year…..tis the season

7 comments on “It’s Ipsy Time!

  1. ~V&V~
    December 14, 2012

    Reblogged this on V 'n V's Girl Talk!! and commented:
    Love the NYX eyeshadow. Super cute!

    • suite7beautytalk
      December 14, 2012

      Thanks for stopping by! I agree, that eye shadow is tempting…

  2. addercatter
    December 15, 2012

    I just found out about Ipsy… from you… and I just signed up! I’m soooo excited, but wish I could have gotten the December box. The eyeliner is something I’ve had my eye on and really want to try. Still, thanks for posting this, I’m on the list for January! Kat

    • suite7beautytalk
      December 15, 2012

      Oh wow, I’m so happy I could help! You’re gonna love it! Btw, I’m really considering hosting a giveaway next month to celebrate my one-year blogging anniversary & the eyeliner will be a featured item. Stay tuned! ; )

      • addercatter
        December 15, 2012

        Ooh!!! That’s awesome. I already started following you, so I will pay close attention. I just got my order from ELF today. The Studio brush set is AMAZING!

      • suite7beautytalk
        December 16, 2012

        Wonderful! I love ELF’s brushes, be careful with the Studio Powder Brush, that handle breaks far too easily – I have three of them because of it. Oddly, I like using it without the handle, works like a Kabuki that way. Still a quality brush & for $3, can’t beat it. : )

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