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Blog Talk {Goals, Giveaways, and Glittery-Gold Polish…}


Every beauty blogger has a list of goals for their blog. Sometimes we start out with a vision before we ever type a single word, and oftentimes that vision changes with time and experience.

When I launched Suite7beautyTalk last January, I planned to write 7 posts per day on the seventh, seventeenth, and twenty-seventh of each month. It didn’t take long before I changed my mind about that posting schedule, which then led to long breaks between posting anything at all. And it wasn’t because I didn’t enjoy blogging, I just wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to take.

So, I had to regroup and redirect the sails a bit, but I posted nothing from July – October 2012. Then MAC Cosmetics launched their Marilyn Tribute Collection, and I had to add my two cents to such a major event in the cosmetic world and beauty blogosphere.  My praise for Marilyn is no secret, so naturally I felt the collection was long overdue. By the way, MAC honored her with a gorgeously packaged line that sold out in minutes all over the country. And with that post, my blogging schedule developed a consistent pace.

Attracting Subscribers

One of my original goals was to attract seven new subscribers each month. Now, I know this seems like a small number, but my blog was brand new, and I knew it would be a bit different from traditional beauty blogs. I offer a little beauty & a little talk, and fortunately, my formula has worked out okay thus far. But due to my sporadic posting schedule last year, I failed to meet my end of the year goal of 84 subscribers. I was actually 24 subscribers short, despite ending the year with over 25,000 views. Clearly something wasn’t making readers stick, and I knew it was the gaps between posts. As an avid blog reader, content gaps are a sure turn off, so why bother subscribing, right? But I didn’t fret, knowing the reason was a big part of the solution. And in just 48 days, I’ve managed to surpass last year’s goal, attracting 31 new subscribers since the new year and 50% of my subscriber goal from 2012. Not bad, gradual gains are fine with me.

The Upcoming Giveaway

And now that I’m nearing the 100 subscriber mark, it’s almost time for my first giveaway. Everyone knows about my efforts to green my beauty routine, and I’ve stated before that I’d hold a giveaway for commercial brand items that are great too, just not for me anymore. I discontinued my subscriptions to Birchbox and Ipsy, so most of the items will be from the last two kits of unopened items, all brand new and packaged. 🙂

This lovely satin silver makeup case is filled to the brim with makeup goodies, and then there's the jumbo Mirenesse Lip Bomb lip gloss too large to fit inside.

This lovely satin silver makeup case is filled to the brim with makeup goodies, and then there’s the jumbo Mirenesse Lip Bomb lip gloss too large to fit inside.

I’m still working out the details of the giveaway, but I promise not to make it difficult. You know the kind where you have to complete several different tasks just to qualify, nah, I prefer to keep it fairly simple.

Yellow Nails = Glittery Fail 

Lastly, to speed up the clean-up of my nail polish collection, I’ve decided to test out a new shade each week. I’ve sported nude only shades with my manicure for years, but last week, I tried Ulta’s Sun-sational. It’s a bright yellow shade and as it turns out, not for me.  The application was thick and gloppy taking longer to dry than usual. I was excited to try a yellow shade but the color did not compliment my skin, so I added Nailtini as an overlay, which added the look of nail confetti. Didn’t like that so much either, but it looked better than the yellow polish solo. Win some, lose some.

Glittery Gold Polish

2 comments on “Blog Talk {Goals, Giveaways, and Glittery-Gold Polish…}

  1. Must Have Boxes
    February 18, 2013

    Nice reflection on your blog and here’s to hoping you reach your blog goals this year.

    – KW

    • suite7beautytalk
      February 19, 2013

      Thank you, I appreciate that. : )


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