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My 3rd step in greening my beauty regimen…DIY Deodorant


Ah, DIY recipes…. talk about a hit or miss situation. Takes patience & practice to get it right. Or, in the case of my first-time venture into making my own deodorant…satisfaction! The first batch was stellar & sooo easy. The second round was a frustrating failure. Tried cutting steps to reduce the amount of product made since I didn’t need that much…uh, no. I should know from experience that its best to follow the recipe for best results, lesson learned.

Prior to 2011, I was a long-time devoted user of DERMAdoctor’s Total Nonscents ultra-gentle brightening antiperspirant & I loved it. It’s expensive at $28, but it lasts awhile & works great. I stumbled across it while looking for ways to brighten my underarms. It worked exceptionally well, cleared me up in no time. Plus, I felt it was a safer option: Allergy Tested, Non Irritating, Fragrance Free, Dye Free, No Animal Testing. Sounds great right?

Unfortunately, the active ingredient is Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex Glycine Complex 11.25%. 

Some studies report links between exposure to aluminum compounds and Alzheimer’s disease or breast cancer, so despite “inconclusive” studies, this ingredient is the subject of current debate as to whether it might have adverse effects.

While I was aware of the dangers of aluminum in deodorant, Dr. Kunin (creator of DERMAdoctor) states the active ingredient is a safer option, so my love of her deodorant combined with clear underarms (allergic to the use of “pits”), enabled me to shelve my concerns… bad, I know.

But in December 2010, when momma b. was diagnosed with breast cancer, I went into green beauty cleanup mode switching out her skincare products for safer options. I wanted to find a truly safe deodorant for her, but we didn’t have much success with Tom’s, & Weleda’s Citrus results were temporary.

Then I started a search for DIY recipes & found this wonderfully simple & effective option. I immediately whipped up a batch for her & she really liked it, so I whipped up a batch for myself & my beau. We liked it too. Next I made several batches as Christmas gifts for my immediate family. It’s a great recipe & very easy. And if you’re allergic to baking soda, try Tapioca Powder as a sub,…. the wonders of green beauty alternatives… truly endless!

Because I’m ever-curious with a side of lazy, I’ve since moved on to yet ANOTHER option & it’s my favorite by far! 

Here’s what I do …. After showering, slathering on grapeseed oil & allowing it to absorb, I grab a 2×2 cotton square & sprinkle a few drops of pure Lavender Oil & swipe it under my arms, then I do the same thing using a few drops of Tea Tree Oil. That’s it.

Per my research, most experts say both Lavender & Tea Tree Oils are safe to use undiluted, however, I’m pretty coated with a carrier oil first, so given the few drops I’m using, I consider that “diluting”. I’m careful post-shave and avoid pressing too hard considering the skin is more sensitive during that time, but this process works wonderfully for me. Keeps me dry & odor free.

Shortly after switching from my trusted DIY recipe to the essential oils, I  participated in a 5k Breast Cancer Walk with no problems! After speed walking around downtown Chicago for two hours, I was convinced this would be my new go-to DIY deodorant recipe & I’m very pleased with the results so far.

Eventually, I want to try lemons as deodorant. I’ve heard great things about them, some people have used lemons as deodorant for decades, so it’s nothing new.

Do you have a favorite all natural deodorant or DIY recipe?

5 comments on “My 3rd step in greening my beauty regimen…DIY Deodorant

  1. baileyblush
    January 3, 2013

    sounds simple and great

  2. Bee
    January 16, 2013

    Great info!

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