There are seven fundamental types of catastrophes. Beauty is not one of them.

Did you back up your data? “Umm I don’t do that”

I can watch this & laugh now, but it wasn’t so funny when it happened to me back in 2007. My heart stopped. Panic struck deep down in my spleen. My PC crashed, decided we were done! I hit keys, banged on desks, screamed in horror as all my documents slipped out of my sight. My beau ran in to see what was happening, I clutched my imaginary pearls & pointed in angst at a blank screen. Like Aidan, he assured me everything was fine & I was overreacting. He clicked on keys, moved cords & cables around… all to no avail. My baby died on me! No warning speech, no diss tweet, no nasty e-mail or text to respond to…. just packed up its wireless electrical bags & vamoose, vanished. I was heartbroken.

Although I felt sick for days, I still held out hope. In my family, when computers act funny & no longer want to cooperate, we’d turn to my father. He’s a self-taught PC wiz. When I was a kid, we had computers when only offices and the wealthy had them but we were neither. He’d be up all night for hours & sometimes days, reading huge manuals on DOS {there were no “for dummies” manuals back in the 80s}, and taught himself how to operate and repair, pretty awesome. But even he confirmed it was a wrap, nothing more could be done.

My mind raced with all the data & documents I had on my old PC. Still sick over it, but I managed to regroup and move on! It’s not like I hadn’t been warned. I’d never known anyone to incur so many computer viruses. It happened constantly, and still, I’d never backed up anything. How could I be so stupid! {shakes fist in air}

In 2008, I switched over to Apple & bought a MAC Pro. I love it, though it doesn’t love me so much, there are issues.

my 4-year old MAC Pro..doesn't look nearly as troubling as it is

my 4-year old MAC Pro..doesn’t look nearly as troubling as it is

So, why has it been 4 years & I’ve yet to back it up, STILL!! 

What’s wrong with me? Am I glutton for punishment? Oprah says when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. So why am I dragging my feet when I know what can happen. It’s turned on me before. It’s time to stop being such a lazy, procrastinator & put an end to all this nonsense TODAY!

I have my backup thingy ready to go! It’s sitting in front of me as I type & that’s a good thing because a friend was over the other day {let’s call him the MAC Whisperer}, he’s an IT pro, crazy knowledgeable about computers & laughed when he heard my MAC was almost 5 years old, not backed up, and after keying in some important techy stuff, he said it could crash any second now!! Horrifying! Apparently, it’s not normal to get the clocking circle thing as often as I do. It delays my progress and is quite upsetting but I didn’t know it was a sign of poor MAC health.

my back-up device is ready to go!

my back-up device is ready to go!

So today is the day, I’m backin’ it up y’all! I feel so inspired I might even look into some security options like the ESET Smart Security resource for my data as well, can’t hurt  right?

New Year. New Beginnings….. Onward & Upward and all that jazz.. 🙂



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