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Childhood memories & impulse buys


So there it was, just as we were checking out at Walmart, hanging on that wall of last-minute items next to the register. You know the one, usually filled with hand sanitizer, Chapstick, nail clippers and mini sewing kits. Items most people aren’t actually looking for but sometimes grab should they remember they’re out of Chapstick or in need of a hand sanitizer for their purse or glove compartment. It caught my attention & I have to admit, my eyes got wide as I steered my cart into position to place our items on the belt. Then I glanced at the price… $15. Picked up the box, read the instructions & tossed it into the cart. Kinda excited. 🙂

Let me say, this is not something I do. I’m no impulse buyer. I don’t do home shopping networks or infomercials. Trial offers are a complete turn off. I’ve learned the hard way how it works: you take advantage of the trial, forget to return it within 30, 60, 90 days or whatever and before you know it, you have a pile of crap that you don’t use, don’t want and felt suckered into buying. Yup, been there.

So this was a rare purchase for me. And the reason is simple: I LOVE slushy drinks & snow cones. As a kid, summertime meant crossing paths with snow cone vendors and it always resulted in begging my parents for the money to buy. And really, what is it anyway? A clump of crushed ice & a few tablespoons of sugary, syrupy flavor, right? But oh man, it did the trick every time… those flimsy paper cone cups that never lasted the entire treat. It would inevitably soften from the liquid, start to fold and ultimately turn into a rush against the clock to finish before it completely collapsed in your hands leaving a sticky mess behind…ah, summertime in the 80s, I miss you so..

So given my fondness of those days and the fact that I rarely get the opportunity to duplicate such a yummy experience; a coke slushy at the movies, the occasional 711 summer slushy, I was pretty geeked to come across this inexpensive find and decided what the hell!


The appeal of Slushy Magic? The box says you can:

  • Make Slushies in Seconds
  • No Ice
  • No Blender
  • No Mess
  • Slushify Any Drink

Easy as

  1. Add Magic Freezer Cubes (included)
  2. Pour Your Favorite Drink
  3. Shake! Shake! Shake!

That’s it!

I made my first slushy as soon as I got home & have made several since. The kit includes 1 Slushy Magic Shaker Cup, 3 Reusable Magic Freezer Cubes, 1 Slushy Magic Lid, 1 Spoonstraw and a Fun Drink Guide. After I washed all the components and placed the cubes in the freezer for a few hours, I was ready to go.


First, I combined plain & Coconut flavored seltzer water into the cup, shook it up a few times and voilĂ  – slushy drink.


What I like:

  • Does what it says, creates a slushy drink in seconds & per the directions stated
  • Easy to clean
  • Reusable freezer cubes means you don’t have to worry about buying parts
  • Slushy Magic & its components are non-toxic and BPA free. The liquid inside of the Reusable Magic Freezer Cubes is salt and water.

What I don’t like:

  • Cubes are large and take up space in the Slushy Cup, I prefer to remove them once the slushy’s made so I’m left with about 1/2 a cup of slushy. Yes, I could make a another quick batch, but it’s the principle.
  • The results are more slushy ice than real slushy drink, if that makes sense. Maybe I’m just shaking it too long but it freezes up pretty quickly so gauging the right amount of shaking required is still tricky.

Overall, I say it’s a good value for 15 bucks. Kids would love it.

When was your last impulse buy?


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